I need a solution on – Peloton (https://www.npr.org/2019/04/05/710439824/live-episode-peloton-john-foley)-Peloton (https://www.npr.org/2019/04/05/710439824/live-episode-peloton-john-foley)

Section I1. A detail description of your chosen company and CURRENT business(es) – 2 pointsa. Include its mission, vision, and values (*not necessarily all) – 2 pointsb. Its current performance (absolute or relative measures, as much as possible) – 6pointsc. Identify ALL history (i.e., major strategic decisions – M&As, alliances, newproduct introduction, new invention, and so on) since their establishment – 15points2. Illustrate a CURRENT external analysisa. Macro perspective (i.e., PESTEL model) – 10 pointsi. Must be based on related database(s) or article(s)b. Micro perspective (i.e., Porter’s five forces model)i. identify as many competitors as possible (10 max) and find out their basiccompany information (i.e., company profile, accounting information,patents, and so on) – 5 pointsii. Research how they perform (i.e., using accounting profitability orshareholder value measures in chapter 5) – 5 points3. Illustrate a CURRENT internal analysisa. Identify its core competencies (or competitive advantages) – 5 pointsb. Evaluate EACH core competency using VRIO framework – 10 pointsSection II1. Try to identify THREE short-run and THREE long-run problems, and clearly explainwhy you identify each problem (at least SIX problems) – 15 points
2. Choose ONE short-run problem and ONE long-run problem (total 2 problems) andsuggest THREE alternative suggestions for each problem (total 6 suggestions) – 20points
a. at least two of them are from the concepts we discussed in the classb. describe in detail processes of each solutionc. illustrate pros and cons of each solution
3. Suggest evaluation criteria for each problem (2 problems) – 15 pointsa. at least five evaluation criteria and define each of the problem.
4. Show two separate tables evaluating each problem (short-run and long-run) with 5different criteria – 10 points
5. Show your final suggestion for each short-run and long-run problem. – 5 points
6. With your final suggestion, predict the future of the company. – 5 points
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