I need a solution on – List each deviation from safe and legal practice.-List each deviation from safe and legal practice.

Delegation – The Root of PracticeChapter 1a – Assignment
SCENARIONancy, a registered nurse, has recorded a telephone order from the attending physician to administer one unit of blood to Baby Robby, a pediatric patient. She delegates this order to a licensed professional nurse whose name is Kelly. Kelly has been with the hospital for several years and has just graduated LPN school. Kelly is known among the nurses as an assistant and unit secretary for many years and she is considered a very trustworthy nurse. Kelly also just finished an IV certification class but claims that she will document it on Monday since Human resources is not open, it being a weekend. Nancy sends Kelly to get the unit from the blood bank, hang the blood with saline and then administer it. After one hour it is time for the charge nurse to give report, she sends Kelly in to get the first set of vital signs and check on Robby. Since Nancy is also the charge nurse, she finds herself a little behind, so she has Kelly write a short note in the record and a set of vital signs. When Kelly checks on the patient she finds that Robby is lethargic and she immediately reports this to Nancy who then declares that she needs to write an incident report up and once she is finished giving report she does exactly that and then writes in the chart that an incident report has been filed with all the relevant facts listed. She then clocks out with the knowledge that she finished everything that needed to be done.
1. Read through the scenario above carefully and list each mishap and violation of practice that you can detect. Explain whether it was:a. possibly something forgottenb. a violation of standard of practicec. a legal mishapd. an ethical violatione. a delegation problemf. or some other problem2. List each deviation from safe and legal practice.3. Explain what was done or not done.4. Your paper should be:• One (1) page• Typed according to APA style for margins, formatting, and spacing standards• Typed into a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file
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