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Which is why for this lab, you will be illustrating the steps and factors involved with creating and running a lemonade stand. Some suggested formats that you may choose to do this are: a slideshow, a digital or hand-drawn poster, or maybe even a video. Feel free to get creative and select a format and method that best expresses your vision for this project and allows you to meet the given requirements.
Whatever format you select, you will need to clearly identify and explain each step and/or factor involved in the lemonade stand process. For each step/factor that you discuss, you will also need to identify how that step/factor relates to entrepreneurship or starting a business.
You will need to address each of the following items (though you are not limited to these items if there are additional steps/factors that you want to address):
LocationStartup CostsPricing PlanMarketingProduction/ProductsFor each step/factor listed above, you will need to make sure that you do the following:
Explain the step/factor in relation to starting and running a lemonade standProvide a minimum of one image or graphic that is pertinent to the step/factor (if making a video, hold up an image, use a prop, etc.)Evaluate how this step/factor relates to entrepreneurship and/or helps prepare someone for one day starting a businessThe information that you include in your project will be a combination of content from the unit, information that you discover through online research, and a bit of your own creative knowledge and input.
Submit your project in the most appropriate and accessible format possible (i.e. a digital PPT or Word file, a video file, image files that contain photographs of whatever hand-drawn project you made, etc.). Please also include a list of websites and/or resources used in your research. Refer to the rubric below for more information on how you will be graded.
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