I need a solution on – Is the emphasis on a color-blind society an answer to racism?-Is the emphasis on a color-blind society an answer to racism?

For this assignment, you will choose one of the four following controversial topics and write a position paper of 4–5 content pages (plus a title page and references page) that answers the question posed by the title.Do we need a common identity?Is racial profiling defensible public policy?Is the emphasis on a color-blind society an answer to racism?Is gentrification another form of segregation?ResourcesFor your paper, use five sources. You may choose two of your five resources required for the assignment from the list below. Find your topic below and review the articles related to your topic.
Do we need a common national identity?Miller, D., & Ali, S. (2014). Testing the national identity argument. Political Science Review, 6(2), 237–259.Schildkraut, D.J., Boundaries of American identity: Evolving understandings of “Us”. Annual Review of Political Science, 17, 441–460.Is racial profiling defensible public policy?Coleman, M. & Kocher, A. (2019). Rethinking the “Gold Standard” of Racial Profiling: §287(g), Secure communities and racially discrepant police power. American Behavioral Scientist, 63(9),1185–1220.Dizon, J.P.M. (2021). Protecting the university, policing race: A case study of campus policing. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.Is the emphasis on a color-blind society an answer to racism?Mekawi, Y., Todd, N. R., Yi, J., & Blevins, E. J. (2020). Distinguishing ‘I don’t see color’ from “Racism is a thing of the past”: Psychological correlates of avoiding race and denying racism. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 67(3), 288–302.Yi, J., Todd, N. R., & Mekawi, Y. (2020). Racial colorblindness and confidence in and the likelihood of action to address prejudice. American Journal of Community Psychology, 65(3/4), 407–422.Is gentrification another form of segregation?Hwang, J., & Ding, L. (2020). Unequal displacement: Gentrification, racial stratification, and residential destinations in Philadelphia. American Journal of Sociology, 126(2), 354–406.Krings, A., & Schusler, T. M. (2020). Equity in sustainable development: Community responses to environmental gentrification. International Journal of Social Welfare, 29(4), 321–334.Mordechay, K., Ayscue, J. B., & Civil Rights Project, P. D. C. C. for C. R. R. (CCRR). (2019). School integration in gentrifying neighborhoods: Evidence from New York City. In Civil Rights Project – Proyecto Derechos Civiles. Civil Rights Project – Proyecto Derechos Civiles.Page LayoutAdditional RequirementsRemember that the content of your paper must be 4–5 pages in length.In addition to the essay, use a minimum of five resources, at least two of which are peer-reviewed academic articles.Follow APA style and formatting guidelines throughout.Set your paper in Times New Roman, 12 point.Using the Capella library and other appropriate sources, explore scholarly research on both sides of your selected issue.Organize your paper as follows:Title page.Introduction.Your position and arguments.Evidence to support your arguments (i.e., data and research) Including how the evidence supports the arguments.Counterarguments to your position.Rebuttals to those counterarguments.Evidence to support your rebuttals (i.e., data and research), including how the evidence supports the rebuttals.Summary and Conclusion.References.
Full Title of Paper
Your Chosen IssueProvide a brief overview of the issue in your own words to inform the reader about this issue.
Position and ArgumentsExplain your position and arguments. Use your own words to make your paper original; avoid quoting from other sources. Include evidence to support your arguments. Be sure to cite your sources using APA format.
Counterarguments and RebuttalsCounterargumentsResearch the opposing side of your issue and explain any counterarguments that exist, including sources and evidence.
RebuttalsDiscuss rebuttals to the counterarguments. Be sure to use credible sources as well as your own opinions and cite them appropriately.Supportive EvidenceDescribe the relevant details from the case study that support your conclusion that this ethical issue is applicable in your case. This section reveals your ability to identify the clues or markers that indicate the presence of the ethical concept.
Summary and ConclusionSummarize the issue, the arguments, and rebuttals and write your conclusion.References (separate page)Sidenote: I will be available for correspondence if writer need to communicate.
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