I need a solution on – Is social media good or bad for you?-Is social media good or bad for you?

TOPIC: Is social media good or bad for you?This essay must:– be 4 paragraphs long– be an argumentative/persuasive style essay– Argue a clear and concise opinion about the topic– Cite at least one secondary source in APA documentation styleIntroduction (Paragraph 1) (4-6 sentences)`1) HOOK: capture the reader’s attention and introduce the topic broadly. (1 sentence)2) BRIDGE: discuss any background information/ context that helps to connect your broadintroductory statement to your thesis. (1-2 sentences)3) THESIS: The final sentence in your introduction paragraph should present a clear concise,insightful argument about the topicIt should also include a blueprint of reasoning – a list of the two supporting ideas that you will develop in your body paragraphs. (1 sentence)Body Paragraphs X2 (Paragraphs 2 + 3) (6-8 sentences each)1) TOPIC SENTENCE: one sentence that states clearly what the paragraph will prove (states thesupporting point) (one sentence)2) SUPPORTING IDEAS, DETAILS, EXAMPLES, EXPLANATION: in a logical, clear manner,provide evidence, examples, details, ideas, and explanations that support/ prove the idea presentedin the topic sentence. Incorporate your research here- a quote, statistic, fact, or expert opinion froma secondary source (be sure to cite this source with a proper APA in-text citation). (3-6 sentences)3) CONCLUDING SENTENCE: restate what the paragraph has shown/ restate the topic sentencein different words (one sentence)Conclusion (Paragraph 4) (4-6 sentences)1) RECAP: restate what the essay has shown (in different words) (2-3 sentences)2) ANSWER THE ‘SO WHAT?’ QUESTION: Finish the essay by reflecting more broadly aboutwhy this is an important issue to discuss. Why is this important? Why does this essay matter? Whocares if this article has strong rhetoric or weak rhetoric? What does it mean for society? (2-3sentences)
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