I need a solution on – In what ways has the War on Terror been similar to the Cold War?-In what ways has the War on Terror been similar to the Cold War?

Choose one prompt from each section to answer! We want to hear your interpretations, and we want you to support your essays with specific and relevant examples from the readings; required films, where relevant; lectures; and section discussions. The trick is to make an argument that includes a thesis and to use your evidence wisely and well. Be creative, and please be bold, and don ‘t be afraid to disagree with your professor and/or teaching assistants. Please be sure to address every issue raised by each prompt! Your exam will be read as a whole. (E.g., “As I said in my first essay,” Please limit EACH of your essays to 1200 words, and understand that we’ll stop reading at 1500 words. You MUST contextualize and analyze at least two primary sources for every essay prompt, except Part I, Question 4. You don’t need to use footnotes unless you are citing a source from outside the syllabus. (Just say, e.g., “As Foner says…; “As we see in ’13th,’” etc.). Needs to have to use some evidence from the textbook “Give Me Liberty!: An American History (Seagull Sixth Edition) (Vol. 2)”1. How, if at all, has the Black Freedom Struggle changed between Brown v. Board of Education and the Black Lives Matter movement? Your answer should include discussion of the civil rights movement during the 1950s and early 1960s, the rise of “Black Power,” and the relevant events since the 1980s. Among other things, consider the intersection of gender, class, and race in evolving movement tactics; the economic and societal differences between the urban North and West and the South; and the impact of US foreign policy (i.e., the extent to which, if at all, the Black Freedom Struggle was influenced by and influenced Americans’ perceptions of the Cold War and the War on Terror).2. Speaking on the Senate floor in May 1970, Senator Frank Church (D-Id) observed that the Vietnam War “has already stretched the generation gap so wide that it threatens to pull the country apart.” The Vietnam War exposed many tensions, in addition to the generational! Throughout the 1960s, the war and stateside movements (the Civil Rights Movements, the Free Speech Movement, the Feminist Movement, the Antiwar Movement, etc.) revealed fissures within society that divided Americans by class, race, gender/sexual orientation, and generation and often alienated them from the government. How did the key divisive issues reflect the fundamental transformation that American society underwent between the “quiet” 1950s and the “turbulent” sixties? Your answer should include a definition of what “the sixties” were and when “the sixties” happened. Did “the sixties” span 1960-1970, 1961-68, 1963-1975, for example, or other dates?3. In what ways has the War on Terror been similar to the Cold War? In what ways has it been something new? Your answer should consider the relevant military conflicts, society’s responses, the evolution of the national security state, and the role of politics and political parties. Your thesis should indicate whether you think the War on Terror is just new lyrics set to the same old song (with terrorism substituted for communism); the extent to which, if at all, it is something new; and whether the War on Terror warrants the American response thus far.4. In 1964, Lyndon Johnson, a liberal Democrat, won a landslide election against conservative Republican Barry Goldwater. At the time, many viewed Goldwater as a fringe candidate, far more conservative than the general electorate. Over the next fifteen years, Republicans won victories at the national level, the most dramatic of which was the decisive election of Goldwater disciple, Ronald Reagan, as President in 1980. Between 1964 and 1980, what circumstances at home and abroad contributed to the rise of conservatism in the United States and to Reagan’s victory? What was it a turn away from? To what extent was the “conservative turn” characterized by shifting political, social, and/or cultural attitudes? Has the “conservative turn” ended? If it has, when and why did it end?
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