I need a solution on – In what specific and general dramatic and/or narrative contexts does the passage appear?-In what specific and general dramatic and/or narrative contexts does the passage appear?

You will be reading a passage from ” “One of the Missing”” It is attached to files as a pdf and you don’t need to have a work cited page. Just follow these instructions below step by step amd read the reading that is attached to the the files.
Each close reading should be two full paragraphs at a minimum – 400 words. To conduct a close reading, choose a passage from one of the assigned readings and conduct the following procedure:
1) Read over your passage a few times—determine what it is about and try to paraphrase it. Underline and highlight key words and phrases—anything that strikes you as surprising or significant, or that raises questions.
2) Determine the meanings of words and references. Look up any words you do not know or which are used in unfamiliar ways. DO NOT DISREGARD THIS STEP. How can you interpret a passage if you do not comprehend it fully?
3) Consider the diction of the passage. Does the author coin any words? Are there any slang words, innuendoes, puns, or ambiguities?
4) In what specific and general dramatic and/or narrative contexts does the passage appear? How do these contexts modify the meaning of the passage? What role does the passage play in the overall movement/moment of the text?
5) Tone and Narrative Voice: What is the speaker’s attitude towards his or her subject and hearers? How is this reflected in the tone? What does the passage reveal about the speaker?
6) Imagery: What sort of imagery is invoked? How do the images relate to those in the rest of the text? How do the images work in the particular passage and throughout the text? What happens to the imagery over the course of the passage? Does the passage noticeably lack imagery? If so, why?
7) Rhetorical Devices: Note particularly interesting metaphors, similes, images, or symbols especially ones that recur in the passage or that were important for the entire text. How do they work with respect to the themes of the passage and the text as a whole? Are there any other notable rhetorical devices? Are there any classical, biblical or historical allusions? How do they work?
8) Themes: Relate all of these details to possible themes that are both explicitly and implicitly evoked by the passage. Attempt to relate these themes to others appearing outside the immediate passage. These other themes may be from the larger story from which the passage is excerpted; or from other tales; or from knowledge about the narrator; or from the work as a whole.
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