I need a solution on – image classification, object detection-image classification, object detection

image classification, object detection
You are free to adjust topic of research page and confirm it with me, it should be from the field of – image classification, object detection.There are several algorithms and techniques in that fields.1) Please review and include information regarding some traditional and new deep learning techniques in image classification, object detection.2) Try to provide information on possible changes that can improve current techniques.3) Please keep high-level structure – introduction, main part (with analysis of current techniques, applications and possible improvements), conclusions, include sources.4) Would like to see some drafts before deadline if possibleFeel free to contact for any clarifications.Thank you
some useful links with info:https://roboticsbiz.com/deep-learning-vs-traditional-computer-vision-a-comparison/
Deep Neural Network: The 3 Popular Types (MLP, CNN and RNN)
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