I need a solution on – Identify whether your response to the work is mainly “Apollonian” or “Dionysian.”-Identify whether your response to the work is mainly “Apollonian” or “Dionysian.”

In your Initial Post, view and evaluate one text from either the Chapter 2 textbook reading or the Required Online Exploration area in this module. If you’ve already forgotten what we mean by text, please review the information in the online exploration link. Your Initial Post must contain the following information:Identify a text to evaluate and include a hyperlink to the work you are evaluating in the post. (Remember, a minimum of two sources of research should be included in your Initial Post, but always remember that the work you are focusing on is never a source for research purposes, but, instead, the main subject of your post.)Clearly indicate the type of text you select (e.g. song, poem, novel excerpt, painting, etc.), its title, and identify the artist and the year the work was created.Identify whether the work’s approach is mainly “Apollonian” or “Dionysian.” Explain your reasoning.Identify whether your response to the work is mainly “Apollonian” or “Dionysian.”Evaluate the work’s “craft.” Is this a good example of this type of art? Is it well presented? What are its points of value? Does it have a message?Would you recommend this work to others? Why or why not? (Note: It is not enough to say, “I guess so. I’m sure people would like it.” You’ve just spent a great deal of time constructing a critical response, so demonstrate to your classmates that your recommendation is valuable.
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