I need a solution on – Identify the legal principles that are being discussed. Here is a hint. We discussed various torts, negligence, strict liability, and product liability-Identify the legal principles that are being discussed. Here is a hint. We discussed various torts, negligence, strict liability, and product liability

BAD 2070Course ProjectPart IIFor this project, you will read a scenario and then determine what legal concepts will apply. The concepts will come from Chapters 8 and 9 of your textbook.INSTRUCTIONSRead the following format and submission instructions, followed by the mostly fictionalized hypothetical scenario. There are 3 clear points of law that you need to identify and discuss.Find the issues that are being raised; that is, what legal questions are presented by the facts?Identify the legal principles that are being discussed. Here is a hint. We discussed various torts, negligence, strict liability, and product liability. More than one of these will apply.Make sure that you identify the elements or definition of each legal principle.For example, if this was about an assault (it’s not), you would need to give the elements of it-intentional touching of another that is harmful or offensive. Then, you would give facts that shows how each element has or has not been met. Be able to explain the elements-not simply restate them.Once you have identified the legal concepts and the elements, make certain you discuss the elements. Apply fact to law to show why the elements were or were not met.Give your opinion of the outcome of each Part of the scenario. Who would win? Explain why. Make sure your analysis is a law-fact basis.FORMATThis will be a written document and not a PowerPoint. You must use 12 pt font and either Verdana or Times New Roman. For ease of completion, each Part that requires discussion has been labeled. Note that each scenario will have a different concept of law discussed. Be certain you label each Part correctly in the submission box. Each scenario should be discussed in such a fashion:Part A: Legal concept (what is it); elements (what are they); Discussion (show how the elements were or were not met); and Opinion (who will win and why).Part B: Legal concept (what is it); elements (what are they); Discussion (show how the elements were or were not met); and Opinion (who will win and why).Part C: Legal concept (what is it); elements (what are they); Discussion (show how the elements were or were not met); and Opinion (who will win and why).SUBMISSIONYou are to enter you answers via the Assignment Tool, “Course Project Part II.” You may click on the link above. You may also go to the “Assessments” tab at the top of your screen and select, “Assignments.” Once in the Assignment tab, select Course Project Part II. You may enter your answers for the project. You can either copy/paste your answers or you may include an attachment.Your assignment will be graded by a rubric, which you may view.SCENARIOBackground. The Bladensburg Cross, called the Peace Cross, was built between 1919 and 1925. Originally, the 40 foot cross was built on private lands-that of the Washington Cathedral. In 1961 the lands were donated to and is maintained by Maryland-National Capital Planning Commission (MNCPC). It was listed in 2015 on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2017, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the publicly funded maintenance of the Peace Cross was unconstitutional per the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. In February, 2019, the United States Supreme Court head the case. On June 20, 2019, the Court ruled there was no constitutional violation. (This part is all true)As with all things, age, wear and tear require that repairs and upkeep be made on the Peace Cross. The Peace Cross needed some restoration work done to it. Being that it needed experts in restoring a structure this old, the MNCPC hired Old Time Restorations, an LLC owned by Brady Thomas and Roger Aaron. Brady and Roger agreed to bring their crew to restore the Peace Cross to all its shining glory. The work began on March 1st and was to be completed on September 1st. (More on the contractual agreement on a later date.) The project started off smoothly and proceeded as expected mostly.Part A. On May 15th, Jordy and Clay, two employees of New Creation Builders (NCB), Old Time’s competitors, posted an article in The Baltimore Sun about Brady and Roger’s business. (NCB was outbid by Brady and Roger, which means they lost thousands of dollars they could have earned in one job.) Because they didn’t get the job, Jordy and Clay routinely snuck by the job site to see how the Peace Cross project was doing. They took pictures of the workers (Peyton and Eli) on break, playing football during the lunch hour, texting on their phones, and the mess of the job site. They stated that Old Time’s employees were lazy; didn’t have the skill, knowledge or training and that they weren’t properly licensed and insured through the state of Maryland. They also said that the guys were reckless with their tools and tossed their trash in the busy street. Based on what they saw, a few of Old Time’s current clients wanted to get out of their contracts. Old Time had a decrease in calls for new work for a few weeks. In addition, two clients told Old Time customer service representatives that because of the newspaper article, they were canceling their contracts. Upon investigating the claims made by NCB, the claims were found to be false. Sure, the workers played around, but it was always on their own time and not when they were “on the clock.” Even so, their work was always of the highest caliber.Part B. On June 1st, after having to move Peyton and Eli to a different job, Brady was on site at the Peace Cross doing some power washing. He was on the scaffold properly (which means he followed all safety precautions and requirements) when one of the poles holding it in place snapped. This caused Brady to fall 15 feet, landing on his right arm. Though he wasn’t badly hurt, it would sideline him for several weeks. He wouldn’t be able to assist with finishing the Peace Cross project; participating in the local charity football game in August; and, possibly, prevent him from taking on additional work for the company. It turns out that the company who owned and who installed the scaffolding did not properly fasten the poles together. This wasn’t a case of improper design; the errors came from the company who set up the scaffolding for Brady.Part C. On August 25th, despite the mishaps in May and June, the restoration is almost complete. The crew was busy doing final cleaning, polishing, and decorating. The MNCPC decided it wanted to do a ceremony to commemorate the 95 year dedication of the cross over Labor Day weekend. This meant the crew had to not only complete the restoration, but also beautify the area for the ceremony. The crew decided that it needed to replace some of the sidewalk near the cross. Two crew members, Crosby Mason and Griffin Roberts, set to work. Old Time Restoration had recently purchased a new jack hammer called the Jack Extreme. This would be the company’s first time using the new tool. As Griffin began jack hammering the concrete, things seemed to go smoothly. However, as he increased the intensity of the tool, he noticed that it seemed to accelerate and apply more pressure than he intended. When he tried to reduce pressure, he could not. Crosby saw Griffin had a problem and came to help. However, the jack hammer jumped and went onto Crosby’s foot. Thankfully, Crosby was wearing steel toe boots. The pressure from the tool did break Crosby’s foot, requiring several surgeries to repair the damage. A few days after the event, Brady received a safety notice regarding the tool. That notice indicated that users were experiencing the problems that Griffin did when using it. Brady believes the Jack Extreme is unsafe.883057a minute agoI’ve attached screenshots of the textbook (e book) for citing the paperTextbook name:Essentials of Business LawAuthors: Beatty, Samuelson, AbrilPublisher: CengagePublication Date: 2019Edition: 6th
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