I need a solution on – Identify essential objectives and priorities in crisis management by examining the most current societal difficulties associated with the COVID-19 epidemic.-Identify essential objectives and priorities in crisis management by examining the most current societal difficulties associated with the COVID-19 epidemic.

I need a research paper starting from the abstract I have done. You will find the abstract and tamplete in the first document that I have uploaded. For the research paper I only need the : Introduction, Objective of thestudy, Literature review, Methodology ( sistematic literature review), Discussion, Conclusion. I also have attached some research papers on the subject as an example or inspiration. The paper will be checked for plagiarism and if it is more than 2% I will not accept the paper.Abstract :The necessity to cope with crisesin the contemporary era is a result of fundamental changes in science andtechnology, as well as patterns of human connections, which necessitate newtactics, solutions, and organizational techniques to deal with various livingrealities. Identify essential objectives and prioritiesin crisis management by examining the most current societal difficultiesassociated with the COVID-19 epidemic. Since the governments imposedlimitations and restrictions on both organizations and individuals, there iswidespread concern among the population. The purpose of this study is to look intocrisis management techniques in anticipation of the recent issues that havedeveloped as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. In order to identify existing lacunasin each step of crisis management as well as potential directions, expertperspectives were gathered. However, we found the available literature limited andlacking in terms of viable and effective recovery options and furtherperspectives for the industries most affected by the recent COVID-19situations. Whether addressing crisis triggers, consequences, or crisismanagement, research has uncovered a number of significant outcomes. It arguesthat, while crises and catastrophes cannot be avoided, their consequences maybe mitigated by good crisis management. During a crisis, this helps theorganization in settling the most critical tasks associated with its successfulperformance. In critical aspects, this study illustrates the role of adaptabilityand opportunity arising from the COVID-19 pandemic from crisis managementdifficulties and it also implies an important component of modern strategicmanagement. The research concludes that by extending and applying crisismanagement methods and principles, the comprehension and supporting processesof such occurrences may be significantly improved. Finally, we recommend futurestudy directions in the context of global crisis management.
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