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Primary Literature Assignment – Highlights and Graphical AbstractMICRB 410 – Principles of Immunology
To make scientific research as accessible as possible to the scientific community, many journals are requiring researchers to summarize their findings in text form called Highlights and in pictorial form called a Graphical Abstract. I have included the guidelines for how to write Highlights and to make a Graphical Abstract from Elsevier, the publisher of Cell Press Journals (Immunity, the journal in which several the primary papers you’ve read this term have been published, is a Cell Press journal).
“Highlights are three to five bullet points that help increase the discoverability of your article via search engines. These bullet points should capture the novel results of your research as well as new methods that were used during the study (if any). Think of them as the “elevator pitch” of your article. Please include terms that you know your readers will be looking for online. Don’t try to capture all ideas, concepts or conclusions as highlights are meant to be short: 85 characters or fewer, including spaces.”
“The graphical abstract is one single‐panel image that is designed to give readers an immediate understanding of the take‐home message of the paper.
The graphical abstract should:∙ Have a clear start and end, “reading” from top‐to‐bottom or left‐to‐right∙ Provide a visual indication of the biological context of the results depicted (subcellular location, tissue or cell type, species, etc.)∙ Be distinct from any model figures or diagrams included in the paper itself∙ Emphasize the new findings from the current paper without including excess details from previous literature∙ Avoid the inclusion of features that are more speculative (unless the speculative nature can be made apparent visually)∙ Not include data items of any type; all the content should be in a graphical form
The graphical abstract should also:∙ Use simple labels∙ Use text sparingly∙ Highlight one process or make one point clear∙ Be free of distracting and cluttering elements”
I would like you to generate a set of Highlights and a Graphical Abstract from the following paper you’ve read this term:
“The Immune Responses in CD40-Deficient Mice: Impaired Immunoglobulin Class Switching and Germinal Center Formation” by Kawabe et al. from Module 8
Highlights: For the paper above, I would like you to generate 5 Highlights – one describing the major goal/question being asked/major gap in knowledge from the study, three describing the major findings of the study, and one describing the major conclusion of the study (use the guidelines for length of each highlight as described above). 15 points
Graphical Abstract: I would like you to generate a graphical abstract for the paper listed above (the same paper you used to generate your highlights). Take this opportunity to showcase your artistic side – I tend to make figures in Powerpoint, although some students like to use biorender.com or hand draw their images. Use the guidelines as described above (no figure caption or legend is needed! The image should be able to stand alone). Click on the link above to get to the Graphical Abstract Guide to see some examples. 25 points
Please put your graphical abstract and highlights on the same page (either a single page of a Word document or a single PPT slide) and then save the single page as a PDF file and submit that to Canvas (see syllabus for due date). The rubric for how I will grade this assignment is included below.MICRB 410 Highlights and Graphical Abstract – Grading Rubric
Highlights – 15 points:3 points for each of 5 Highlights1 point for correct length2 points for appropriateness and quality of highlightGraphical Abstract – 25 points:5 points for focusing on major finding(s)Is the Graphical Abstract distinct from other images in the paper?No data from the paper should be included.10 points for organization/clarity of graphicsCan the reader follow the flow of ideas through the image?Does the Graphical Abstract provide a visual indication of the biological context of the results depicted (subcellular location, tissue or cell type, species, etc.)?Is the take-home message clear?Did the image highlight one major concept from the paper?10 points for quality of imageWas text used sparingly and were labels simple?Were all parts of the image clearly depicted and labeled?Was the image cluttered?Was the size of the image appropriate?Is the image visually appealing?
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