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Research any aspect about the Vietnamese American community in San Jose/the Bay Area (e.g., education, inter-ethnic and inter-racial relationships, community, politics, religion, media, business, etc.) and write a research paper about it. I recommend focusing on one topic and going in depth about it in your paper (rather than choosing many topics but only writing superficially about each one).
As part of your research, you may — this is optional — do oral history interviews with individuals about your paper’s topic. Of course, remember to keep physical distancing as needed as I wouldn’t want you to risk your health for this assignment!
I’ve had students in the past who interviewed grandparents, parents, friends, and neighbors and they really enjoyed the experience. They would then include what they learned from the interviews in their paper, remembering to also relate to our course materials.As this is a college-level paper, it must have:a clear research question/purpose/thesis. Underline and bold it.at least 3 academic references (at least 2 from our required course readings and 1 external reading that are NOT assigned in our class)Your academic references do not have to be about Vietnamese Americans in San Jose/the Bay Area. (In fact, it’s very difficult to find any but I hope this will change in the near future!). However, you should relate those references to your paper’s topic: the Vietnamese American community in San Jose/Bay Area. For example:Does the reading/reference support/contradict what you observe about the Vietnamese American community in San Jose/the Bay Area?Does the reading spark a question in you about the Vietnamese American community in San Jose/the Bay Area?at least 10 concepts/ideas learned from our class (underline and number these concepts in your paper as 1, 2, 3, etc.). For example: #1. refugee, #2. race, #3. Cultural hegemony, #3. sojournersTo give you an idea, some (not all) of them are listed here.You do not need to define these concepts. You will be graded on whether or not you have used them correctly in your paper.
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