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Your Final Project is worth 200 points. You are to watch the movie, Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. You can access the movie for free from multiple sites or through a number of streaming services you currently subscribe.After reading the following Overview and watching the movie, students are required to do a minimum 3 (three) page single-space (Times New Roman, 12) paper on the enclosed questions. The questions are at the end of these Instructions. There is NO maximum length. This paper will have to closely follow the chapters in the book and the Learning Outcomes of the course. Spelling and Grammar count in your Final Report grading!!! You are in college now, and the use of the English language may make a big difference in your career. Please don’t make unforced errors by doing wonderful research but forgetting to spell-check and grammar-check your work. And as always, put your name and class down on your paper!The Questions for your Final Paper:The movie progresses to the “Fairy Tale ending,” but the negotiations are, quite frankly, a mess. Using the Learning Outcomes from this course, please address the following:How do IQ and EQ come into play in Bargaining/Claiming Value? How do they come into play in Integrative Negotiations/Creating Value? Be specific.Are transactions (mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, etc.) complicated by emotions and ego? How?What does the lack of transparency from the outset create in terms of distrust and resentment? Is this hard to reverse if the intention of the negotiations change direction in a meaningful way?Are sellers motivated by factors other than money? Do buyers really understand what’s really important to sellers? Do buyers have the right people on the team to develop this understanding?How do family members complicate deals? How can you determine the family “influencers?”When Edward Lewis said, “I think we can leave the details up to the others,” do you think Edward Lewis’ team has the right team members for Integrative Negotiations/Creating Value vs Bargaining/Claiming Value? What changes to the team would you make at this point, other than firing Philip Stuckey? How does gender come into play with the makeup of the new team?
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