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How to get started on this paper ………… First, read the brief lecture in the document: What is a Visual Argumento Next, thoroughly review the document: Guidelines for Exploring a Photographic Imageo Then, learn about the four categories of photographs allowable for this paper in thedocument: Visual Arguments–Photographs and Advertisementso Learn about the three persuasive appeals that photographs contain in the document The topic of this photograph must be one of the following: the Coronavirus Pandemic OR themurder of George Floyd and subsequent domestic and global protests against police brutality Start searching for a photograph to evaluate, analyze, and critique for Essay 4. It must befrom one of the following news categories ONLY:o News/breaking newso feature photographyo staged imageso documentary photography Go to thewebsite for these periodicals and search for photographs based on the Coronavirus PandemicOR the murder of George Floyd and subsequent domestic and global protests against policebrutality. Create notes that deconstruct, critique, and analyze your image based on the information inthe document: Guidelines for Exploring a Photographic Image Thoroughly review the document:  Make sure that you paste a copy of the photograph you chose, along with the citationinformation, to the last page of this paper Make sure that this paper is written in MSWord and submitted as a “doc” or “docx” file ONL
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