I need a solution on – Explain how interactions between the geosphere and Earth’s surface spheres form and maintain Earth’s habitability?-Explain how interactions between the geosphere and Earth’s surface spheres form and maintain Earth’s habitability?

Provide the following information at the top left-hand corner of the first page of your essay. This information may be single spaced.Name (Last, Frist)Title—you do not need a creative, catchy title.• The body of your essay must be double spaced and no more than four pages long. Any text exceeding four double-spaced pages will not be read.• Use 12-point Times New Roman or a similarly sized, easy-to-read font.• Use a standard 8.5-by-11-inch page size with minimum 1-inch margins on all sides.• Include page numbers at the bottom of each page.• You may include one page of sketches and/or figures copied and pasted from other sources. This single page of sketches and/or figures does not count towards the four-page text limit. Sketches and figures should be well labeled and clearly explained in a caption or the text. They also should be referenced in the text where needed. Sources of copied figures or sketches incorporating information from others should be cited immediately below the figure or in the caption. You will be assessed on the accuracy of any sketch or figure. Hard-to-read figures will be ignored during grading.• Include an in-text citation anytime you refer to, summarize, paraphrase, or quote from another source or anytime you provide facts or data from another source. You may use any format for in-text citations and the references cited list.
Prepare an essay of no more than four double-spaced pages that fully addresses the prompt posted on the Moodle page. A-level work will synthesize all key concepts from the lectures and the readings. You may also consult outside print and online sources, but you will be penalized if you incorporate erroneous information from any source. All sources must be properly cited in the text, and a references-cited list must appear at the end of the essay.
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