I need a solution on – Examine how marketing strategies influence marketing decisions. Introduction and instructions:-Examine how marketing strategies influence marketing decisions. Introduction and instructions:

This Competency Assessment assesses the following outcome(s):MT450M1-1: Examine how marketing strategies influence marketing decisions.Introduction and instructions:In this Assessment you have the opportunity to demonstrate yourunderstanding of concepts from your reading as applied to the scenario.First read the background concerning the scenario company and then readthe transcript of the marketing department meeting of this well-fundedstartup company. It will also provide details of which you need to beaware to more successfully complete the Assessment.You will choose one of three product lines you want to be responsible for.Thefirst products within these three product lines that Adaptive HomeProducts (AHP) will introduce to the market in three months will be offered in white, blue, black, green, and grey unless otherwise stipulated.Themarketing director at AHP meets with her marketing management team tobegin developing the marketing strategy and marketing plan. Read thetranscript and then address the checklist items.AHP Company BackgroundMarketing Department Meeting TranscriptChecklist: Based on your analysis of the information provided regarding AHP:Describe the company’s core competencies based on the limited information in the scenario.Identify your chosen AHP product line and summarize research on the competition on the Internet.Based on your analysis of the company scenario, provide a general company SWOT analysis.Explain which of Porter’s three overall marketing strategies from the Learning Activity the company should use and why.Explainthe distribution strategy that should be used for this product line.Should AHP consider strategic alliances for your product line? Why orwhy not?Identifyingyour chosen product line, analyze how your chosen strategy aboveimpacts what the 4 P’s will be for one (1) of the products from yourchosen product line.Respond in a minimum of 350–500 words in a Microsoft® Word® document using APA format and citation style.Minimum Submission RequirementsRespond to all the checklist items in a thorough manner.Submit your response using correct English grammar and spelling.Ifwork submitted for this competency assessment does not meet the minimumsubmission requirements, it will be returned without being scored.
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