I need a solution on – evaluate the strength of the cases and declare a victor.-evaluate the strength of the cases and declare a victor.

PAPER 5 – Evaluation ClaimIn this paper, you will present the two sides of the debate about whether The Color Purple fits the definition of “a modern fairy tale for adults” (based on the traits outlined in our powerpoint) or is more a “realistic novel that has some coincidental elements,” then you will explain the reason to favor one interpretation over the other.PREWRITING:Using OCC’s library resources, locate at least 4 sources (academic journals, ebooks etc.) that can help evaluate the portrayal of the setting (Georgia circa 1900-1943) and personal experiences in The Color Purple. (Wikipedia and other internet sources not found through OCC will not count.)Type up an alphabetized Annotated Bibliography with the following information for each source:(1) Properly Formatted MLA 8th Edition Citation(2) At least one quoted fact that will be useful for this paper. (You will not get full credit for choosing general statements such as “African Americans faced discrimination during the Jim Crow era”–instead, find us a specific historical experience or statistic that explicitly does or does not resemble the action of the novel.)(3) For each fact, at least one additional sentence evaluating which side it favorsYou are required to at least 3 facts from outside sources in the body of your paper, though make sure are engaging with them rather than assuming they can “speak for themselves.”THE PAPER ITSELF:This paper will be unlike our previous ones, in that it will consist of 5 discrete, labeled sections:Section 1: Your introduction (max. 3/4ths of a page) should start with a neutral summary the plot of the novel (so that the body of your paper can focus on analysis). Instead of just describing Celie’s initial situation, make sure that you are giving a full description of the relevant twists and turns of the plot all the way to its conclusion. For once, NO ROADMAP THESIS IS REQUIRED.Sections 2 & 3: Your first two body sections (min. 1.5 pages each) will present the best case for each of the positions, supported with textual evidence and specific facts from the research you have conducted with OCC’s library resources. Each section does not need its own intro, but it must start with its own underlined single-sentence roadmap thesis statement for that section (which should not be part of a body paragraph). Make sure you are presenting both cases as fairly as possible, though the order of the positions is up to you. Each of these sections should have multiple paragraphs, each focused on a single point (rather than an enormous catch-all paragraph encompassing multiple points).Section 4: In the third body section (min. 1 page), evaluate the strength of the cases and declare a victor. As with the previous 2, this section does not need its own intro, but it must start with its own underlined single-sentence roadmap thesis statement (which should not be part of a body paragraph). You must have at least 2 body paragraphs and discuss both why you favor the side you do as well as why you decided against the other side (though the order of that discussion is up to you). You are allowed to reference previously discussed evidence, but make sure the analysis is not redundant or general.Section 5: In Your Concluding paragraph (max. 3/4ths of a page), rather than merely summarizing your previous points, speculate about why you think (given what you have said) Alice Walker chose to give her reader the experience you have described.Formatting:12 pt Times New Roman, 1″ margins Style: Academic EthosInclude an alphabetized Works Cited page (which does not count for min. length)IF YOU HAVE A PDF VERSION, LIST “PDF” AS YOUR “MIDDLE NAME”email by 05/28 if you want to receive comments backDUE DATES:final draft WITH WORKS CITED: uploaded by 11:59pm Sun 05/29
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