I need a solution on – Distinguish between independent and dependent samples.-Distinguish between independent and dependent samples.

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
Distinguish between independent and dependent samples.Identify the criteria for constructing a t test.Explain the purpose of a one-way analysis of variance.Distinguish ANOVA from t test.Compare and contrast correlation and regression.Explain the purpose of regression analysis.
Using the Library, identify a peer-review study that uses a statistical analysis, such as regression, ANOVA, or t test.
In a report, describe the test and how it is applied to the study. Break down the test into smaller steps. Identify each step and describe the purpose of each step, and how it relates to the test as a whole. Finally, explain why this test was appropriate for the study purpose.
This paper should have at least 300 words, not including the title page or references.This paper must follow APA formatting and citation guidelines, including:Title page and Reference pageEssay should be double spacedUse Times New Roman font, size 12Any references should come from credible sources and use APA documentation.Includes a highly developed viewpointOrganize your paper with subheadings.Free of grammar and spelling errorsNo evidence of plagiarism
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