I need a solution on – Discuss the uses of ancient myths or fairy tales in any of the modern literature, poetry, or short stories we’ve studied.-Discuss the uses of ancient myths or fairy tales in any of the modern literature, poetry, or short stories we’ve studied.

Choose ONE of the essays below write ONE approximately five paragraph essay with a works cited.
1. Discuss the uses of ancient myths or fairy tales in any of the modern literature, poetry, or short stories we’ve studied. You may use a classical work,such as Oedipus or the other Greek myths and contrast it with a modern work. Using outside resources and Hamilton’s Mythology, show how a knowledge of mythology can add a valuable resource in understanding and enjoying modern literature (poetry , short stories, or novels).
2. Analyze the myth of Pygmalion in relation to the modern day work, “The Shape of Things.” Discuss the time differences and gender reversal in Shape of Things that puts women in the role of artist, creator, and maker instead of objectified artistic creation. How do Pygmalion and Evelyn both rely on external powers, i.e. Aphrodite? How are the artists works both critical of society and transformative?
3. Write an essay on how an archetype plays out in literature from the course and quote from Jung if you choose this essay prompt. For example, discuss the archetype of the “hero/ “heroine” or the archetype of the “trickster” and shape-shifting in Bluebeard, or the “spirit” archetype in Gaia, or the “rebirth” archetype mythic figures like Pymalion or Demeter/Persephone. Another possibility is to write about the mother archetype in Bluebeard and/or myths like Perseus/Medusa. Describe the contradictory aspects of the archetype, such as how mother archetype can be both nurturing and overwhelming.


Write a research paper on why the evolution is true bibliography.

Identify immediate operational actions to reduce costs, rent, utilities, insurance, legal fees, and certain salaries to reduce operating expenses.
Options to record include (but are not limited to) your computer (PC or Mac), Screencastify, which is a free add-on to Chrome, Zoom, or using an app of your choice on a smartphone or tablet.

Describe why and how despite a period of intense enslavement of native peoples and contracted Europeans, African slavery emerged as the dominant labor system throughout these regions.

Discuss how, in spite of their long existence, LGBTQ people are continuing to be marginalized in mainstream society.

Write a dissertation paper that substantiates whether a Financial Education Course help or affect an individuals decisions if they are no longer able to pursue a professional sports career and if it has what if any are the items they plan to implement.

Discuss whether the court might have decided R v Dudley and Stephens 14 QBD 273 differently.

Identify the types of texture you observe, using precise vocabulary terms.

What types of services does the term “procedure coding” include?

What is the problem with the solution shared with Meredith?

Describe the fundamental characteristics of the
approach, its object of study (e.g., the structure and processes of the brain,
the relationships between the brain and cognitive processes such as language or
reasoning), and its methods of investigation (two to three methods of
investigation) (e.g., scientific experiments, patient studies, computer
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