I need a solution on – Discuss on Artist Hale Wood ruff research paper .-Discuss on Artist Hale Wood ruff research paper .

Discuss on Artist Hale Wood ruff research paper . research on the Internet and some book information and write a short paper on the artist Hale Woodruff. Include any information provided by our course book entitled “Understanding Art, 11th ED. Everything must be cited. Use Owl Purdue MLA for citing inside the text and for the work cited page.
Artist Paper RequirementsCover page (You must have a cover page!)Outline (Please include your outline with the paper!)
Artist Paper Outline- Create your artist outline for the artist that was chosen. Create a thesis sentence first for your topic. Use the thesis sentence to create the outline. You will also attach the outline to the artist paper when you upload the artist paper.Outline RequirementsI INTRODUCTIONA.B.C.Thesis Sentence: In this paper I will discuss (Name three things.II The Second Topic You will discuss.A. SubjectB. SubjectC. SubjectIII. The Third Topic You will discuss.A SubjectB. SubjectC. SubjectIV The Fourth Topic You will discuss.A. SubjectB. SubjectC. SubjectV. Conclusion/Summary
Reference page (The reference page is included as the last page of the assignment !Five references are required.Tw from a bookThree internetCite all references using Owl Purdue MLAYou must analyze three of your artist’s works.The artworks must not be embedded inside the text.Color photos of artist works must be included on the page before the reference page.Art works must be placed in front of the reference page.Artist paperPaper must be typed in New Times RomanDouble spacedFont 12. MLA, APA ETC….The paper must be 2 ½ pagesReferences must be cited throughout the text.One page on artistEventsBeliefsArtist HistoryStyle, content and themes of the time period Etc….One and half page: Characterize three works of the artist’s art ( Style, content and themes, and form of time period).You must cite all information !
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