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Designing a Life Science Lesson Plan.Forthis assignment, you will review the Next Generation Science Standards andidentify life science topics. Next, select one topic and use it to design anintegrated, inquiry-based science lesson plan.Step 1. Access and ReviewAccess the Topic Arrangements of the Next Generation Science Standards at https://www.nextgenscience.org/sites/default/files/AllTopic.pdf (Links to an external site.)Reviewthe life science standards to identify the content elementary students areexpected to know, understand, and apply.Step2. SelectSelect an elementary grade level and one life science topic for your lessonplan. For example, at second grade, Interdependent Relationships inEcosystems is a life science topic.Step3. StudyPrior to designing your lesson plan, study the lesson plan exemplar linked onthe assignments page. Notice how the author integrates the science and literacycomponents in the plan. The lesson plan is to be your original work, andmodified ideas from other sources are to be clearly identified usingappropriate citations.Step4. DesignFor your selected topic, use the template provided on the assignments page todesign an integrated, inquiry-based science lesson to purposefully guideelementary students on an exploration of the social, cultural, and ethicalaspects of science. The plan should be detailed enough for anyone tofollow. Your lesson plan should include:·An inquiry-basedinteractive project, learning activity, or online simulation incorporatingcritical-thinking skills·A literacy strategyused with either fiction or informational text or a combination·Technology application·Engineeringapplication·Appropriate assessmentideas·Clearly identify thetype of thinking skill required·An APA-formattedreference page for citations including the standards and additional referencesutilized in the lesson plan.Step5. SubmitSubmit your lesson plan.
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