I need a solution on – Describe your emotional reactions to each of the passages from the readings that you quoted in question 1 – and/or to the articles as a whole. How do you feel about each quotation/article?-Describe your emotional reactions to each of the passages from the readings that you quoted in question 1 – and/or to the articles as a whole. How do you feel about each quotation/article?

What to includein your Reflection and Analysis Papers
Inthe Reflection and Analysis Paper, you will discuss your personal thoughtsabout and responses to the assigned readings for the unit (which are listed onyour course outline and available in the Primary Resources folder of eachlearning module). Please include all of the following sections in eachReflection and Analysis Paper:Reflectionand Analysis Paper 1 will focus on Unit 1 “Asking Questions about Sex andGender “ (BASED ON THESE ARTICLES YOU WILL FIND ATTACHED – I`M ALSO ATTACHING AN EXAMPLE OF HOW THE ASSIGNMENT SHOULD BE DONE)-Hermaphrodites with Attitude– The Education of Little Cis
1a)Choose a short quotation (minimum 1 full sentence, maximum one short paragraph)from one of the assigned readings in each of the two weeks in the unityou are reflecting on. Inother words, select two quotations in total, one from each of the two weeks inthe unit. Choose passages that you find particularly interesting or thoughtprovoking or challenging or disturbing or illuminating. Include the twoquotations you have chosen, with an in-text reference for each, in yourReflection Paper.
Thenexplain why you chose each quotation. Whatdid you find interesting/compelling/challenging/disturbing/ illuminating abouteach passage? Please be specific. (3 marks)
b)How do the two quotations you have chosen relate to one another? How do theyrelate to the theme or focus of the unit? Please explain the connections yousee and be specific. (2 marks)
2)Describe your emotional reactions to each of the passages from the readingsthat you quoted in question 1 – and/or to the articles as a whole. How do you feel about each quotation/article? (Someoptions are intrigued, uncomfortable, surprised, pleased, displeased, angry, inspired,defensive, disbelieving, or impressed – but there are many valid feelings. Thekey is to become aware of your own emotional responses.)
Nextbriefly explain why you think youfeel the way you do about these passages. In other words, identify and analyzethe source(s) of your emotional responses. What factors do you think influencedyour emotional responses to these passages?
Pleasebe as specific as possible and remember that this question is about feelings rather than thoughts (you discussed thoughts in yourresponse to question 1). (2 marks)
3)How do the quotations (or issues raised in the articles) you have chosen todiscuss relate to your personal experiences outside this course?
Howcould you use what you have learnedto your life outside this class (your social circle, family, work, otherclasses…)? Again, please be specific. (2 marks)
4)What part(s) of these readings are you still confused or unsure about? What furtherquestions do you have about the topic/issues addressed in the readings or inthe unit as a whole?
Ifyou can’t think of a question, please identify some aspect(s) of thistopic/issue you would like to learn more about.Asalways, please be specific. (1 mark)
Youare welcome to comment on other aspects of the class (discussions, videos,exercises, assignments), but your mark for each Reflection Paper will be basedon your answers to the questions above.
Tipsfor writing excellent Reflection and Analysis Papers
Ø Make sure youinclude full quotations (don’t start or stop mid-sentence), in quotation marks.Include the author’s last name and page number(s) after every quotation. UseAPA in-text format: (Author’s last name, date of publication, pg. #). E.g.:(Fausto-Sterling, 1993, p. 40).
ØAvoidchoosing a quotation from the first paragraph – or the first page – of thearticle. Read the whole article before you make your choice.
Ø Don’t worryabout using a formal writing style. Use your own words and a relaxed,conversational style. Do write in full sentences and paragraphs. Also, pleaserefer to the articles’ authors by their last names or their first and lastnames, but not by first names only.
ØDocheck your spelling and grammar and make an effort to express your thoughts andideas as clearly and accurately as possible. Editing and proofreading can helpyou clarify your viewpoint. If you are submitting an audio file, you might findit helpful to do a “practice” recording and then listen to it to make sure youhave expressed your ideas as clearly as possible.
Ø Discuss (andthink critically about) your own position on these topics and issues. Do notmake unsupported or vague claims or judgments. It’s not sufficient simply to state an opinion;explore and explain why you have that opinion. What experiences have shaped yourviews on the issue? Be aware of the biases that influence your own perspective,as well as the perspectives expressed in the course materials.
Ø Avoid impreciseor “fuzzy” thinking. Be specific. Giveclear examples. Do not overgeneralize (i.e. don’t blame “society” or otherabstractions. Try instead to pinpoint specific elements of particular cultures,institutions, or belief systems).
Ø Try to empathizewith people who are not like you. Make a conscious effort to think about the issuefrom a number of perspectives. Try to imagine what’s going on for peopledirectly affected by the issues and questions you’re considering. Also, don’tassume these issues do not relate to you. Look for connections.
Ø Be aware of andthoughtful about the language you are using – including pronoun choices. Avoidmaking assumptions about how others identify. If you don’t know and can’t findout which pronouns someone you are writing about uses, “they/them/their” areappropriategender-neutraloptions.
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