I need a solution on – Create a team management plan and a communications management plan for a project you choose.-Create a team management plan and a communications management plan for a project you choose.

Create a team management plan and a communications management plan for a project you choose. You can use projects from your experience, through research, or by using one of the applicable case studies in the Mastering Project Human Resource Management: Effectively Organize and Communicate with All Project Stakeholders textbook. You will use the same project for both the team management plan and the communications management plan.
*Project Team. A set of individuals who support the project manager in performing the work of the project to achieve its objectives.
*Stakeholder. An individual, group, or organization that may affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project, program, or portfolio.
*Team Management Plan. A component of the resource management plan that describes when and how team members will be acquired and how long they will be needed.
*Stakeholder Register. A project document including the identification, assessment, and classification of project stakeholders.
*Communications Management Plan. A component of the project, program, or portfolio management plan that describes how, when, and by whom information about the project will be administered and disseminated.
For this Course Project, you will evaluate, analyze, and apply what you have learned in this course by creating a team management plan and a communications management plan for a project you choose, either through research, experience, or using the case studies from the textbook. The team management plan is due in Week 5 while the communications management plan is due in Week 7. In Week 8, a presentation of the major elements of both the team management plan and the communications management plan is due.
Team Management Plan (Due Weeks 1 – 5)
The team management plan will describe how the team members for the project will be acquired and the length of time they will be needed for the project. The project team is the group of individuals who complete the work for the project and is overseen by the project manager. Project team members can be part time or full time, depending on the project and the organization. For example, a programmer working on an IT project may also be working on other projects so can dividing time between each project. A carpenter may be full time on a construction project during a specific phase.
The Team Management Plan Template is a Microsoft Word document and contains the following sections:
Title PageTable of ContentsProject OverviewTeam PositionsAcquisition of Team MembersTraining NeedsLeadership Theories and ModelsMotivational TechniquesTeam Performance MeasuresConflict Management StrategiesTeam Decision MakingReferencesTeam Managment Plan Deliverables and Point Values
Section(s) Week Due PointsTitle Page, Table of Contents, Project Overview, and References 1 75Team Positions, Acquisition of Team Members, and Training Needs 2 75Leadership Theories and Models, Motivational Techniques, and Team Performance Measures 3 75Conflict Management Strategies and Team Decision Making 4 75Final Team Management Plan 5 150Total 450Stakeholder Register (Due Week 6)
The stakeholder register is a listing of the stakeholders of the project along with information about them.
Use Microsoft Word and create a table that includes the following information about your project stakeholders:
Identification – Name, organizational position, location and contact details, and role on the project.Assessment – Major requirements, expectations, potential for influencing project outcomes, and the phase of the project life cycle where the stakeholder has the most influence or impact.Classification – Internal/external, impact/influence/power/interest, upward/downward/outward/sideward, or any other classification model chosen by the project manager.This assignment is worth 75 points.
Communications Management Table (Due Week 7)
The communications management plan will note the way information about the project will be distributed to project stakeholders. Timing of the communication, the individual responsible for sending the communication, and the recipient of the communication are also part of the communications management plan. Stakeholder communications needs are considered part of the communications management plan.
The Communications Management Plan is a Microsoft Word document and contains the following elements:
Title pageCommunications Table with the following categories:Audience: A descriiption of each stakeholder (Who)Content: The information to be sent to each stakeholder (What)Frequency: The timing and frequency of communication to each stakeholder (When)Location: The location of the communication exchange (Where)Method: The method of communication (How)Sender: The responsible party to distribute the information (Who 2)This assignment is worth 75 points.
Narrated Presentation (Due Week 8)
The presentation is a narrated Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 12 slides but no more than 15 slides, including a title slide and at least one references slide. The PowerPoint Presentation Template provides slides titled as follows:
Title slideAgendaProject OverviewProject Team TableTeam MemberPositionSkillsTime on Project Each WeekAcquired (internal, outsourced)Leadership TheoriesMotivational TheoriesTeam Performance MeasuresConflict Management StrategiesTeam Decision-Making ProcessCommunications Management TableAudienceContentFrequencyLocationMethodSenderReferencesThis assignment is worth 150 points.
To help you create a narrated PPT presentation, click to view a short, step-by-step how to create a recorded PowerPoint presentation. This presentation link provides guided instructions to assist with your assignment.
You will present your Team Management Plan and Communications Management Table to the project sponsor.
Grading Rubric
Be sure to follow these guidelines to create your PowerPoint presentation.
Include a cover slide with course number, course title, title PowerPoint presentation, your full name, and date.Include the title of Course Project: Course Project—PowerPoint presentation.Utilize headers provided. Add slides as needed, but keep presentation to no more than 15 slides.Keep it simple but engaging. Use appropriate images and graphics to illustrate and complement each slide.Add audio to the presentation, explain, and bring to life each slide of your presentation. Show enthusiasm and speak with proper volume and inflection to maintain audience interest and attention.Category Criteria PointsDocumentation and Formatting The narrated PowerPoint presentation provides information organized in a logical sequence, and it follows acceptable best practices. There is good contrast between font and background on all slides. Slides are enhanced with images and illustrations to help the audience understand the content. The layout is visually pleasing. 20Cohesiveness The narrated PowerPoint is well organized with the content properly subdivided into sections, and the conclusion includes recommendations, strategies, and solutions. It shows transitions, using appropriate relevant vocabulary, concepts, and theories. Logical flow is maintained throughout the presentation. All slides present one idea and a few supporting facts. 25Images and Layout All slides contain one powerful, high-quality image per slide related to the content, which helps the audience associate and understand what is being conveyed. The layout is visually pleasing and contributes to the overall message with appropriate use of headings, subheadings, and white space. 15Audio The text on the slides is used to prompt the audio narration. The sound is clear and easy to hear and understand. The presenter gave a clear, thorough, convincing presentation to complement the PowerPoint slides. The PowerPoint enhanced the presentation and was useful as a reference 15Content The slides contain all the content needed: Project Overview, Project Team Table, Leadership Theories, Motivational Theories, Team Performance Measures, Conflict Management Strategies, Team Decision-Making Process, Communications Management Table 75Total A quality deliverable will meet or exceed all of the above requirements, 150


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