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BackgroundIncorporating the concepts that you have learned in our textbook (e.g. inequality in health, immigration, aging and the life course to name a few), the video and podcast links provided to you, and the data you collected in the data collection step, you are to write a five page paper discussing why certain trends in health behaviors (the topics will depend on what variables you selected) are present in your selected states and how that is contributing to rates of COVID-19 diagnoses and deaths.For example, you could talk about the role of health inequality, or where people receive healthcare, or how access to healthcare technologies is contributing to specific trends. What about someone’s age, racial identity, or where someone works result in particular health outcomes? The goal is for you to practice writing creative discussion combining descriptive statistics and sociological concepts to explain why certain trends in this pandemic exist.COVID-19 Research Project BackgroundCoronavirus disease 19, known more commonly as COVID-19, is an infectious respiratory disease that was first identified in China in December 2019. As of December 2020, the World Health Organization reports that there are over 68 million diagnosed cases and about 1.5 million deaths, over 290,000 are American deaths. For a variety of reasons, the disease continues to spread, infect, and cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide. https://youtu.be/Vw5jb0m6HlQAs sociologists, we are interested in a number of issues surrounding this pandemic. Obviously, our social lives and social relationships have changed drastically, almost overnight. Broadly speaking, we all are uncertain about how social institutions will safely move forward. Specific to the health and well-being of individuals, medical sociologists are interested in topics like why certain diagnoses or deaths are more likely to occur in specific geographic areas or among certain social groups.Typical questions for Medical Sociologists could include the following:On a macro level, what policies are likely to increase or decrease the rate of infection?How do we effectively and efficiently teach new health habits to the citizenry to protect their health and well-being?In what ways, has the way we work, learn, and live changed?On a micro level, who in the community is more likely contract and spread the virus? Who is more likely to die? How does stigma play a role in the response to the virus?In this project, you will investigate state data on COVID-19 that will allow us to determine why certain social trends exist and are changing. These statistics are being updated daily. You will then write an evaluative paper (using the data and concepts from the text) where you will provide a discussion incorporating medical sociological concepts to interpret the findings of your analysis (in descriptive statistics). In the last step, you are tasked with writing a reflective paper on your experience conducting the analysis, constructing and writing the paper, and reflect on what you learned in the process and whether or not this has or has not changed your thoughts about the pandemic and its effects on society.
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RequirementsYou are to write in 12-point font, 1’ margins, double-spaced five-page paper. Make sure to include your name and page numbers. Include a title page as well. A reference page is required in APA or ASA style. In the reference section, you will need to include the datasets used and the scholarly articles. Please include at least four peer reviewed scholarly articles, in addition to the textbook, literature from governmental health websites, and scholarly articles to support your claims. In order to ensure that the the articles are suitable, please refer to Dr. Smith’s Library Resource Guide in the module, where our subject librarian, Bridgette Sanders has provided information to help you identify these articles.The paper will include:Introductory paragraph whereby you describe the issue and include a thesis statement (1/2 to 1 page).A literature review whereby you include an argument backed by a theoretical paradigm that is supported by at least four peer-reviewed scholarly articles from the Atkins Library database to support a claim that you are making (e.g., policies need to be changed, how “super-spreaders” are causing the diagnosis and deaths of many, why Black Americans are disproportionately affected, etc.). You are also welcome to incorporate course materials and information from governmental websites. This is a section that you should demonstrate your knowledge, show off your research skills. Throughout the section, you can incorporate the data you collected earlier to bolster your argument ( a full 3.5 to 4 pages).In your conclusion, you will write about whether your thesis statement is properly supported, policy and practical ideas and implications, and current limitations in the cultural norms or existing policies (1/2 to 1 page).Reference page of your citations in APA or ASA style. Please refer to Dr. Smith’s Library Guide in the Modules for resources on how to cite correctly in either of these formats.FEEDBACK FROM INSTRUCTOR REGARDING THE DATA COLLECTION FOR PAPER: “Hi Joseph- Great data collection here. I’m not entirely clear what you are writing your paper on, but select a population (some examples: immigrants, older adults, those living in rural areas) and using social determinants that we’ve been learning in class explain why the why those individuals are contracting COVI/ dying at certain rates or explaining what their experiences are due to COVID when it comes to health. Always keep in mind the social factors of health that cause these issues or as explanations of the outcomes.Also, just as a friendly reminder, allow the theories and concepts to drive your paper and then use this data to support the claims that you are making as evidence along with academic articles.”
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