I need a solution on – Comparison and Contrast of 2 of the Thirteen Original Colonies-Comparison and Contrast of 2 of the Thirteen Original Colonies

Comparison and Contrast of 2 of the Thirteen OriginalColonies
Using primary sources (Links to an external site.), compare andcontrast the experiences of at least 2 of the Thirteen original colonies. Inyour comparison, find and review the original charter of each colony (see Avalon (Links to an external site.) and Library of Congress (Links to an external site.)), payingattention to its stated purpose and objectives. How are the charters similar ordifferent? For instance, you might compare Plymouth and Jamestown, or Georgiaand Rhode Island.Whencomparing the two charters (and colonial experience based on these twocharters), consider: how the charter helped determine who had power (and whodid not), how the charter influenced the growth of the colony, and how itimpacted interactions with the Native Americans? What can we learn from thesesimilarities and/or differences?Note:A primary source is a document or artifact created at the time the event tookplace (such as the charters themselves). Your answer should use the charters,but can also use other primary sources (optional).
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