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Discussing at least two of the assigned books for the course, answer the following questions:In what ways do the practices of industrialized food production create social costs that are passed on to others?What are some ways in which we can reduce the costs?Please be explicit about what the costs are (you must name and explain them).You may refer to supplementary texts (including films), but you must demonstrate your understanding of the assigned readings that you select and cite every source you use.You should not merely mention the readings, but discuss them with depth and clarity, offering correctly cited quotes.You will also be graded on the mechanics of your writing, so be sure to take extra time to proofread for grammatical and spelling errors and other typos.books:Jonathan Safran Foer (2019), We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast-Timothy Pachirat (2013), Every Twelve Seconds: Industrialized -Slaughter and the Politics of Sight (Also available as a free e-book through the CSI library)-Peter Singer and Jim Mason (2007), The Ethics of What We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter


Every program has risks associated with it. This week, I want you to review your idea(IDEA FROM WEEK 2 IS PROVIDED) and provide a risk analysis. What are the potential risks involved with this program, and what processes can be put in place to manage these risks? One specific risk that I want you to discuss is related to cultural differences. Please assume that your company is a multinational corporation…will this program work in all areas of the business? If not, how can it be adapted for the other country/countries involved?

Development Across the Lifespan Research and Development Brochure Workshee

New Museum Online Exhibition Education Program/Video Review (Chosen Video in Link)

Discuss mechanisms by which gene expression may be altered. How do these alterations induce cancer-causing mutations in cell DNA?

Assessment Completion and Review of Assessment Constructs

Employee Evaluation: Restaurant Manager

In Mark 8:29, Jesus discussed with his disciples what people were saying about him. Jesus asked his disciples directly, “But who do you say that I am?” In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of who Christians claim Jesus is and to share your own belief about who Jesus is.

As you complete your work for this course, consider how your trials and obstacles can lead to success. For example, are you struggling with a certain area of writing?

How is the villain in your chosen film representative of the “dark side” of the hero? Explore
their similarities. Ultimately, what sacrifice does the hero make, or what personal dangers do
they embrace, to set them apart from that villain?

3104 Module 1: The Changing Role of Health Care
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