I need a solution on – Are there any professional journals specific to the specialty?-Are there any professional journals specific to the specialty?

To begin, following the instructions below:
Choose a topicAsk your instructor to approve the topic.Research the following information regarding the chosen nursing specialty:Is a degree necessary for the position (ie: RN, BSN, MSN)Is profession experience necessary for the position ( ? # yrs experience, critical care experience needed?, etc)Is there a professional association specific to the chosen specialty?Provide the address and contact information for association.Are there any professional journals specific to the specialty?Is there a necessary specialized certification exam for the specialty?Are there any national/international conferences?Are there any renowned speakers/experts in this nursing specialty field? If so, name them.4. Research and present the position as it relates to the following:
work environmentdaily activities/functionspopulation servedsalarydegree of autonomydemands/rewards specific to the specialtyWhat personal/professional attributes would be necessary to be successful in this specialty?What other members of the health care team collaborate closely with this specialty of nursing?Find three articles in recent nursing/health care journals that are associated with this nursing specialty.
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