I need a solution on – Adult learner biography-Adult learner biography

For this assignment you will describe yourself as an adult learner. The purpose is to share significant adult learning experiences and explain why you consider these significant, either from a positive or not so positive perspective. Included in your autobiography should be the following:● 1-2 page introduction to yourself and the learning experience(s) that you feel defines you.(5 points)● 2-3 page analysis of how your learning experiences would be supported by the adult learning theories discussed during the semester. This section must include a definition of adult learning, whether original or from a scholar in the field whose definition resonates most with you. This section must be supported by at least 5 scholarly journal articles not more that 7 years old. (20 points)● 2-3 page analysis of the implications or impact of culture or adult motivation on your experiences as an adult learner. This section must also include a conclusion which summarizes the main points of the assignment.
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