I need a solution on – Adaptive Rationality: an evolutionary perspective on cognitive bias-Adaptive Rationality: an evolutionary perspective on cognitive bias

I need an article review done on the attached document. The following are some points to make sure are in the paper:Write an introduction that informs the reader that you intend to review an article or otherdocument. Thepurpose of the introduction paragraph is to prepare the reader for what is to follow in yourreview.Make an effort to cover the following points. It may require more than one paragraph tocover them.• State the overall purpose of the article. What was the main theme/thesis of thearticle?• What new ideas or information were communicated in the article?• Why was it important to publish these ideas?Research Methodology and ResultsWriting about the research methodology and results is critical to your review. The body ofthe review should contain points of argument to support the thesis, logical development ofideas, and expansion on the key facts pertaining to the article’s research methodology.Make an effort to cover the following points. It may require several paragraphs tothoroughly cover content.• What methods did the authors use to reach conclusions?• Why was this method chosen?• How was the data collected and analyzed?o Who were the subjects?• What were the basic results or findings from the research? Were the conclusionsvalid?• In your opinion, what were the strengths and weaknesses of the article? Be sure tothink about your impressions and the reasons for them. Listing what the authorwrote as limitations is not the same thing as forming your own opinions andjustifying them to the reader.
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