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In 5.1, Please respond to each of the 4 questions using the guidlines from the attached rubric. Please be kind withouot any criticism.Title: MFCYF-550 Week 5 Assignment 5.1 DB Responses: Rhonda Shumpert1. Mackenzie, NethOne of the approaches I found interesting was the life course perspective. I found this to be interesting because it seems to be a common approach when studying aging from different cultures. Hanson et,al,. (2016, p. 2149) explained that “the focus of most previous research on aging is on influence operating later in life”. I find this to be valuable information because it shows how important it is to look at different historical and cultural patterns later in life. Another approach I found to be interesting was the socioemotional selectivity model. This model seemed interesting to me because it looks at how an individual’s goals change based on their culture and age at the time. I feel this model could be very useful when looking more in depth at relationships between individuals.In a research study conducted by Carstensen (2021, p.1192) it was stated that after looking at race, gender and socioeconomic status, negative emotions surfaced less ad individuals aged. I find this fact to be interesting because as people age their goals change along with their cognitive abilities and when looking at culture it can change based on cultural values as well.
2. Watson DavidI believe its important for child, youth, and family service professionals to be educated and aware of the aging in culturally diverse families to see what services and support can be provided. Culturally diverse families may not follow the same practices or habits of other races. To better approach these families and understand how their later years and needs are, I believe it is important to be aware of how they interact and live-in society. Family dynamics can change as aging occurs and the relationship between loved one’s changes.Understanding how aging families cope thorough losses can be observed through knowledge of different cultures. Through time, cultural responses to the changes in interactions between parents, children, and grandchildren can determine what factors cause certain behaviors in different cultures as age increases. As the individual aging changes and adapts to their age and their needs, professionals can support them and provide better services. When older family members are experiencing struggles in their later years, proper knowledge can avoid treatment plans that may go against their religions and beliefs.Culturally diverse families can share many differences compared to the general population. Not all aging family members may find themselves in homes filled with loved ones caring for them. Some individuals in culturally diverse families may experience different ways of living as they get older. It would benefit professionals to understand aging to see how every culture should be addressed and to respect the aging population
3. Ashley NickoliteThe population of older adults it growing with diverse people. A service provider needs to understand the strengths, concerns, and needs of these families so they can help them in every aspect successfully. It is important for a provider to look at these individuals as individuals and not think they are all the same because of their age. It is important to not make assumptions on what they would prefer for services because of their race or background. People in this age group may have different circumstances different stressors; they may be raising their grandchildren in the home. It is important to know who lives in the home to help them get the resources needed. It is also important to understand their ethnic background when making big decisions in their lives like a health plan. It is not only important to understand what foods they are used to but also if their family is involved in these types of decisions. Some families are very close and are able to talk about future plans others do not talk to their children as much.4. Nallely HernandezOur text discusses various research and theories surrounding how to understand cultural diversity and aging families. I found Cartensen’s socioemotional selectivity theory interesting. This theory suggests that older peoples become more selective in their choice of social partners, often directing their attention to, and placing more importance on relationships with available close family and friends (Trask, 2007).This theory argues that with age, people see the future as limited, and time can further motivate people to prioritize goals that aim at deriving emotional meaning from life (Fung, 2013). Which lead me to the impact that grandparenthood has on their lives, and the various roles grandparents can take on. Cherlin and Furstenberg describes three styles of grandparents: remote, companionate, and involved (Bladel, n.d.). Grandparents taking on roles as caregivers can have both negative and positive effects. Grandparenthood is an important aspect later in life and various variables such as cultural and ethnic diversity effect this. As human service professionals it’s important to remember the different experiences minorities could have had at different stages throughout life. Aging individuals carry and pass on family knowledge, cultural traditions, and norms. We must recognize not every minority will have the same story and when working with older individuals’ traditions and norms may be more culturally enforced then younger generations.5.2Title: MFCYF-550 Week 5 Assignment 5.2 DB Responses: Rhonda Shumpert1. Watson DavidGrandparenthood differs between age, gender, culture, and ethnicity. According to Margolis and Wright (2017), “the demographic changes that affect the timing, length, and health of grandparenthood are not uniform across the U.S. population” (p.4). The age at which culturally diverse families varies between cultures. The text discusses remote, compassionate, and involved parenting styles relating to grandparenthood. Depending on genders and cultures, grandparenthood may be a different experience across cultures.In the communities where I have served ethnic children and families, I often see young culturally diverse grandparents. Often, it is grandparents caring for their grandchildren. Gender can affect the presence of a grandparent being involved as grandfathers and grandmothers can share differences in their rate of involvement. Culturally differences can also impact the form of relationship that is built between grandchildren.Ethnic grandparents share different values and guidelines that may shape their views of grandparenthood. Care, involvement, and support varies between races. Grandmothers, depending on their races, can act more as mothers or friends depending on dynamics and other factors. In studying how grandparenthood differs, roles are changed based on the factors of age, gender, culture, and ethnicity.
2. Nallely HernandezIt is to no surprise that gender, race, age, culture, and ethnicity shape the role of an individual’s life. However, I did find it interesting to see how the various demographics shape a grandparent’s role in culturally diverse families. Despite the increasing trends of delaying childbearing couples in the United States socioeconomic status and ethnicity play a significant role in this. Minorities and individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds tend to have children at earlier stages in life (Montoro-Rodriguez & Ramsey, 2021). Which results in African American and Hispanic adults becoming grandparents at younger ages compared to other ethnic groups. Grandparents were also more likely to assume the role in primary caregiver in increased or associated with physical, emotional, and financial strain. African American and Latino grandparents play a more hands on role in caring for children which has become culturally normative (Montoro-Rodriguez & Ramsey, 2021). Our text also mentions the positive impact African American grandparents have a strong role in regard to being a teacher and role model (Trask, 2007). Cultrually it is a strength they obtain and should be encouraged to help support the education of their grandchildren. On a societal level, it is also important to highlight that we will continue to see an increasing trend in grandparents playing more of a hands-on role as divorce rates continue to rise, single parents, and mothers in the workforce. Grandparents continue to fill the parenting gap and are attending school meetings, helping with homework, and advising young adults about careers (Buchanan & Rotkirch, 2018).3. Ashley NickoliteIn today’s world, grandparents are becoming more common because people are living longer lives. It is important to understand culture differences when talking with elders. In some cultures the title mother or grandmother are used for a sign of respect to an elder women and may not be any family relation. There are three types of grandparent remote, companionate, and involved. With remote relationships, there is little contact if any with the children. Companionate relationships can be considered when the relationship is more of a friend by interacting in fun activates. Involved grandparents are ones who are more active in their grandchildren’s lives. These grandparents take on more of a parental role,.In other studies culture values between generations have affected the relationships with grandparents and grandchildren on social interaction. In some cases this can be due to language barriers. In other situations, many grandchildren are living with their grandparents. This can have negative and positive effects. It can be very stressful for grandparents but also can strengthen their relationships.
4. Mackenzie NethAfter reading through the text it seems as though grandparents play many different roles in culturally diverse families. On one hand the text mentioned some grandparents lived with their daughter who also had children and were of African American descent. On the other hand, referring to the same situation, it was seen as though this could be beneficial for the grandchildren as the grandparents could teach them many skills that are necessary to have in life. Stelle et,al,. (2010, p.4) shared that grandpas can be seen differently when grandparenting and can be noted as not as important and less involved than their counterpart. This shows the gender differences when it comes to grandparents. Often the grandmother can be seen as more nurturing and helpful in comparison to the grandparents. The text also mentions the different types of grandparent styles that could be seen. Grandparents who adopt these different styles of grandparenting can depend on their age, gender and culture. Some cultures grandparents take a more stand off position when dealing with their grandparents while others are more hands on.5.3Title: MFCYF-550 Week 5 Assignment 5.3 DB Responses: Rhonda Shumpert1. Ashley NickoliteMany new immigrants live with relatives such as great grandparents, uncles, and aunts. This is because of the housing shortages or high costs of living is making families live together. Families with multiple generations living in one house when looking at high rates of out of wedlock children and unwed mothers living with their parents. In many cases, grandparents are raising their grandchildren. This is due to the high rate of divorce in the United States. It can also be due to the child’s parents not being able to support their children on their own. With the cost of living, some single parents cannot afford to give their children the best life. In other situations, many parents give up their rights to their children and grandparents take in their grandchildren. In senior care cultural expectations, traditions, and values shape divers models. In many cultures, family caregiving takes precedence over assisted living. In India younger citizens care for older family members, this is enforced by law. Relatives who do not care for their senior family members can be fined. In many cases, families will care for their elderly relatives due to the cost of having a 24-hour professional care provider in the home.
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