Case study:
Mr. Sweet, 38 years old, is brought to the Emergency Department nonresponsive.
PMHX: DM I (Diabetes Type 1) and he has been sick for the last 3 days
Objective information:
Blood sugar: 532
Potassium: 7.2
ABGs: pH 7.08, HCO3 12, and CO2 28
VS (vital signs): HR 116, BP 107/64, RR 36 (deep and rapid rate), Temp 101.5 F
Answer the following questions:
What nursing interventions do expect to be ordered for Mr. Sweet? (Be sure to include specific medications you would expect ordered for this patient as medications are part of nursing interventions).What is the rationale for these interventions & medications?What type of acid-base disturbance does this patient have? Is it compensated, partially compensated, or not compensated?What is Mr. Sweet’s primary Medical Diagnosis?Provide at least 1 reference and citation