How generation z view social and political issues we face as a nation today?

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How generation z view social and political issues we face as a nation today?
How can gen z help shape the political landscape for future generations today?


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Imagine that you have started up your very own travel company, and you’re creating a package tour for history-minded clients, intrigued by “the Albigensian Crusade” and the legends of the Cathars. Plan out an action-packed five day tour to “Cathar Country,” designed to give those participating an understanding of some of the most important surviving sites and monuments connected with this theme. Think carefully what you want to bring into the mix and menu (cities, villages, churches, castles, … ???), and the logistics of a five day tour, moving from site to site at a pace that will not run your flock ragged. But come up with an exciting five day itinerary, and indicate as well what you, as the tour guide, will be talking about when you are “on site” with your group.

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What is next? Write the first confirmation paragraphs for your researched argument paper. This is a graded checkpoint for my feedback to help correct any mistakes before they appear in your researched argument paper.

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Forensic DNA Discipline Paper

Netflix case study

Do you think the right to a jury trial for complex and time consuming cases should be abolished? If yes, what should be the alternative?

What is the Problem of Freedom? Introduce the philosophical issue and then discuss all parts

Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing