How does Americans Support Covid Protocols Against Omicron.

How does Americans Support Covid Protocols Against Omicron.This essay is about reviewing the article and analyzing the data. The instructions for the essay and link to article is below:Link to article:
Instructions for Assignment
IntroductionDescribe why you chose the particular article and why it interested you – My reason is because I like to stay up to date on Covid in America and the attitudes Americans have.
SummarySummarize the article and its findingsAnalysisWhat Math or Statistics was used?Describe at least one equation used, not just reported numbersExample: WAR from FangraphsfWAR = wRAA + UZR + Position + (20/600)*PAwRAA = weighted runs above averageUZR = ultimate zone ratingPosition = positional adjustmentPA = plate appearancesIf percentage, describe in detail what was used to calculate the percentageExample: QB completion percentage takes the the number of completed passes by the quarterback divided by attempted passes, then times 100.This may take some researchSome equations may be proprietary, so find article that you can look up equationGraph or TableCopy and paste graph or table into your paper.Describe the graph or table used in the articleExplain what the graph or table is telling the readerConclusionsWhat did you learn from the article?Do you think the article used Math or Statistics to explain their thesis effectively?Cite all references
Must cite article used
Double-spaced12 point font, Arial or 11 point font, Times New RomanBold and underline each section header0.5 inch margin on sides, 1inch margin on top and bottomUse complete sentencesAt least 2 pages, not including graph/table