How do you understand the difference between a theory and a hypothesis?

How do you understand the difference between a theory and a hypothesis? Why does a researcher usually begin a research with a theory and related hypotheses?Can you ask a research question and then provide a related theory and a hypothesis to illustrate how a research question is formulated in terms of its relationship to a theory and related hypotheses?Researchers sometimes do not create or collect their own data for their research. In this situation, they may choose to do content analysis or secondary data analysis. Please explain what content analysis and secondary data analysis are and how they are used in criminal justice research.Please list the questions first before discussing them. You are encouraged to think for yourself and express your own views. But if you don’t have enough knowledge of the questions, you must use the textbooks and lectures as sources for your discussion. You are expected also to write clearly and professionally, use complete sentences and paragraphs, and give credit to original sources if they are used. Your discussion of these questions, as a whole, should be about one page long, if written in a double-spaced, 12-font, Word document. At least one full paragraph should be written separately for each question (2 or 3 sentences are not a full paragraph) and make sure you organize your answers under the questions you discuss.
DQ 4. Create your initial post, 3-4 well crafted paragraphs, on the DQ 4 Discussion Board in response to the following questions:Gottfredson and Gottfredson consider pretrial release decisions as one of the most important issues of concern in their book. After reading the quote from the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice on page 79, please discuss the implications of pretrial release decisions. What does release mean for a person charged with a crime? What does it mean to the community? What did the Commission note as needing to be balanced? How do you feel about pretrial release? Should people who are yet to be convicted of crimes deserve incarceration pretrial?
Create your initial post on the DQ 5 Discussion Board in response to the following information:This week’s readings asked you to consider the pros and cons of America’s current two party system and electoral college–both controversial issues in politics today. Using these articles, please argue your support or opposition to 1. America’s two party system and 2. The electoral college. You must support your position with at least two reasons and make reference to the readings.