History scavenge




  1. Pick one topic from this week’s LECTURES
  2. Write your interpretation of how your professor presented the information
  3. Search for related materials online – you may also reference content from the BONUS video this week
  4. Write a summary
  5. Explain your understanding of the topic and your find
  6. Do your findings sync with your professor’s storytelling?
  7. READ THRU and comment on other students’ posts
  8. Respond to comments in your thread
  9. Click THUMBS UP on as many posts that deserve it


Copy and paste questions 1–6 above into this discussion thread and add your answers to each.


Please refrain from terms such as “very interesting” or “so intriguing” or “very refreshing!”

I’ve seen HUNDREDS of these clichés on discussion boards in EVERY class I’ve taught online – SO MUCH I’m convinced someone has a bucket of them and is just handing them out at Halloween. Santa Claus, maybe?


in my effort to promote real – even wonky – discourse, just note that I read past them and look for what is actually being said: the meat of the discussion, as it were.

Please humor me on this – discussion works best when everyone is jumping in – including those who have incomplete thoughts or whacked out theories.

Without some stupid conjecture amongst the academic stuff there’s not much to build off – and learning gives way to “I already know that.”

Thank you.