History 101-Western Civilization paper

This paper is due 4/3. It is available now so that you have plenty of time to prepare and write the paper.This class is meant to provide the historical context that helps to explain the world as it is today. This class is also meant to challenge you to see the world in different ways, ask more questions and think critically. Select a culture we discussed so far. Use a minimum of one primary and 2 secondary sources to support your main idea. In one cohesive essay, with a clear topic sentence, address the following questions:
What were the major influences that shaped this culture?In what ways did this culture influence others?What contributions did this culture make to the larger context of Western Civilization?What’s so interesting/amazing/unique about this culture all on it’s own?
A primary source is one that was written, produced, created during the time period it is discussing (writings, music, works of art or architecture all count as primary sources). There are primary sources throughout your textbook that work as a starting point. The Fordham Ancient Sourcebook is also an excellent collection of primary sources which you can find here https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/ancient/asbook.asp
A secondary source is one written by an expert in the field who reads the primary sources and provides the larger context for what was happening, what effects it had and how people lived overall. You textbook is an example of a secondary source.The paper must be 4-5 pages, 12 point font, double spaced. Cite your sources using Chicago style footnotes. http://libguides.sunysuffolk.edu/plagiarism/quote
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