Generative Art and its Importance in NFTs

Format: 8–10 pages (~2000 words) not including bibliography (MLA or Chicago so long as it isconsistent), double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri in Microsoft Word (.docx) format.
Develop an analytical essay that explores your chosen topic.You should identify the major artists within your chosen style or movement and discuss why specificworks of art are exemplary of it. You should then further develop a clear thesis about your chosen topic,take a position, and defend your ideas with examples from your sources and examples of works of art.Note: your essay is not a summary of works within a particular style but rather must present an argumentor claim about what you are analyzing. There is no strict form that the essay should take but it shoulddiscuss multiple artists and works from within a particular movement rather than focus in on one artist.
A successful essay will present a clearly argued point of view and support its argument with sources. Itwill avoid statements of opinion and instead rely on clear use of examples (readings, works, additionalsources, lectures). Your essay should be in conversation with the course materials as well as your chosensources (a minimum of 5).