Fmu psyc-3340-80 exam 1 chapters 1-6 of group dynamics latest (60

Question 1
Audiences, bystanders and crowds are to __ as coworkers, sports teams, and study groups are to __.
Select one:
a. primary groups; collectives
b. collectives; categories
c. collectives; social groups
d. social groups; personal groups
e. secondary groups; primary groups
Question 2
If one wishes to draw a  , then one should use ___ methods.
Select one:
a. case study
b. structured
c. observational
d. experimental
e. self-report
Question 3
According to the text, humans affiliate because
Select one:
a. of their need for belonging.
b. they are instinctively gregarious.
c. isolation is a negative, painful experience.
d. all of the above are possible reasons.
Question 4
Studies of inclusion and exclusion indicate that
Select one:
a. people do not react negatively to rejection from groups.
b. individuals who respond negatively to exclusion tend to be insecure.
c. inclusion-exclusion is a continuum rather than an either-or process.
d. people, when excluded by a group, tend to rate the group more positively than people who are accepted by the group.
Question 5
As group size decreases, the concept of homophily suggests that the most likely member to leave the group is
Select one: