Flight (2021_ with Denzel Washington)
Write a two to three-page response to the film, “Flight.” In your response, consider the following:According to the DSM-5 Classification of Substance Use Disorders, the criteria used to make a diagnosis of Substance Use Disorder include the following:Impaired control as evidenced by:· Taking more of a substance or taking it for longer than intended;· Unsuccessful attempts to cut down;· Spending a great deal of time in efforts to obtain, use, or recover from past episodes of abuse;· “Craving” for drugs of abuse when not actively using drugs of abuse.Social impairment as evidenced by:· Failure to fulfill major life obligations due to substance use;· Continued use in spite of problems caused/exacerbated by the substance use;· Important obligations are given up or reduced in favor of substance use.Risky use as evidenced by:· Recurrent use in dangerous situations;· Continued use despite of physical or psychological problems that are caused by or exacerbated by continued substance use.Pharmacological dependence as evidenced by:· Tolerance to the effect of the substance;· Withdrawal symptoms when substance intake is either significantly reduced or discontinued.Other characteristics that might be present specific to alcohol abuse include:· May possibly require daily use of alcohol to function;May make attempts to limit heavy alcohol use to specific times (e.g. weekends) with periods of abstinence between heavy alcohol use;May engage in continuous “binges” that last for days, weeks, or months, interspaced with periods of abstinence;May engage in the daily use of alcohol in excess of what is recommended.Are any of these behaviors evident in the main character, Whip Whitaker? Does he meet the DSM 5 criteria for substance use disorder? If yes, describe where these behaviors are evident and in what ways he meets these criteria. If no, discuss why he does not.How does Nicole, the woman he meets in the hospital and subsequently has a relationship with, impact Whip’s choices and behaviors concerning substance use? Does she at any point meet the criteria for having a substance use disorder? Is she ultimately a positive or negative influence on Whip?How do the responses of those around him enable Whip to continue his substance use behavior, either intentionally or unintentionally? What, if anything, helps him to change?Was there anything in Whip’s situation that was not what you expected to find in an individual with a possible substance use disorder? Was his behavior typical of what you’ve come to think of as the actions of someone with a substance use disorder? Explain.