Find at least 2 articles pertaining to the “Psychology of Sibling Rivalry.”

Module 11: Research a Topic, Round 1***In Modules 10-15, you will conduct a literary analysis, research issues pertinent to the literature, and produce a literary argument.In this Module you will1. Locate and Annotate 3 sources2. Summarize researchASSIGNMENTLocate, Annotate, and Summarize Source MaterialYOUR TOPIC FOR RESEARCHYou are searching for material to help you respond to“Sibling Rivalry” by Michael Byers.So you will need to learn about the phenomenon of sibling rivalry.__________________________________________________________________________Use LSUE Library Databases to Research:“The Psychology of Sibling Rivalry”1. Find at least 2 articles pertaining to the “Psychology of Sibling Rivalry.”2. Annotate each source for key ideas and relation to the Byers story.3. Write a brief Summary of your understanding of the phenomenon, Sibling Rivalry, and include how it pertains to the story and the question, “Is Melissa justified in her plan?”.4. Submit your Summary here.
This Assignment is Pass/Fail.Submit and receive credit.If you do not submit, you fail and lose 100 points for the assignment.I may Fail a submission of inferior quality.