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Assignment Topic: Logistics Service ProvidersFlagler Global Logistics is a prominent South Florida 3rd-party logistics provider (and potential supply chain management employer). Access the FedEx and UPS Documentary/Supply Chain Digital video and answer the following:Identify three private-sector logistics service providers that could benefit from the services provided by FedEx and UPS (you are welcome to perform additional web research as well)?Apply concepts from The geography of transport systems (3rd ed.): Chapter 5 and Chapter 7 to explain the roles of these service providers in facilitating international physical distribution.Submission Format:Your paper should be a minimum of one double-spaced page in length and comply with APA formatting guidelines. Review the Weekly Written Assignment rubric for full grading criteria. Upload your paper as an MS Word compatible file to this assignment link no later than the posted deadlineLinks:
Chapter 5 – Transportation Modes

Chapter 7 – Trade, Logistics and Freight Distribution