Federico Douglas

PSA Primary Source Analysis on this http://www.americanyawp.com/reader/religion-and-reform/dorothea-dix-defends-the-mentally-ill-1843/
1.) What type of source is it? {newspaper, pamphlet, book, speech, letter, journal entry, official document, sermon, court transcript, poem, song, etc.}
2.) What is the title of the source?
3.) Who wrote it?
4.) What is the historical situation? (What is happening at the time?)
5.) A. Why was the source written (purpose)?B. Who was the intended audience?
6.) What questions does this source raise in your mind?
7.) A. What is the author’s point of view?{Everyone has a point of view. Many factors shape POV such as gender, culture, socioeconomic status, race, upbringing, life experiences, role in society, job, etc.}B. In what ways does the POV impact, have implications on, what the author is saying about theperson or event? {Why does it matter?}
8.) Tell me the page, paragraph, and sentence number of what you think is the most powerful line of the document. Why did you find it significant?
9.) What is the historical significance of this document? How does it relate or connect to issues we deal with in today’s society? Be specific if possible.