Explain why you have decided to take Music Appreciation online, and what two things you would like to get out of this class by the end of the course (besides a good grade).

1. The first task will be to introduce yourself and let me know what your background is in music. Give your name, if you play (or have played) an instrument or sing.2. Explain why you have decided to take Music Appreciation online, and what two things you would like to get out of this class by the end of the course (besides a good grade).3. Part One in the book discusses the elements of music, including musical form. Find a song that you like that utilizes binary, ternary, or call and response form. Make sure you indicate the song title, artist, and how the song matches one of those forms.4. After reading and listening to the examples in the first few chapters, you have hopefully gained a little better understanding of pitch, range, and tone with instruments and voices. Describe the many varieties of musical sounds possible from the human voice. Be sure to consider issues such as range, social function, historical period, and regional styles when constructing your answer.5. Choose four musical instruments, each instrument representing one of the four families of instruments. Describe the physical appearance and how sound is produced for each instrument, and what the most common use of each instrument is in music.6. This is an activity question. For 1/2 to 1 hour this week, you are to pay attention and write down the music you hear; watch TV for one show or pay attention to the music at the grocery store when you are there (or something similar). Notice how much music is a part of EVERYTHING we do. Now, after you’ve written down what you heard, provide a detailed summary of what you found out. Do you notice a pattern of aggressive music if you are watching a sporting event (even in the commercials)? Is there a lot of percussion and brass, electronic sounds, or? Was there any pattern at all, or just random? Write about what you heard.7. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church predominated in almost every aspect of life, and the Catholic Mass was an integral part of church activities. Did the Catholic Church, particularly the Mass, have any impact on music? How?8. Sacred music in the Middle Ages was mostly vocal in nature with little instrumental use, if at all. Was this approach also true of Secular music? Explain your answer.9. The Renaissance ushered in many changes in art, music, religion, and culture. Many of these elements were blended in very creative ways. How did Renaissance composers achieve a union of words and music?10. List and explain at least three popular sixteenth century dance types, including the style, common instrumentation, and use in court, society, or both.11. The Baroque period gave birth to a new musical genre: opera. What are the main dramatic and musical elements of Baroque opera? Be sure to discuss musical, dramatic, and visual elements utilized during this period.12. Why do audiences in America traditionally rise for the Hallelujah Chorus in Handel’s Messiah? You may not find this in the text, but information is available online. Be specific in historical facts.