Explain the ways in which humanistic or artistic expression reflects the culture and values of its time and place.

Sources: Use 1-2 primary sources (one or two poems from one author) AND 1 or more secondary sources of literary criticism as described below Your secondary source should be literary criticism from a scholarly book or an article from a peer-reviewed journal. I suggest using the databases, eBooks You should avoid biographies, plot summaries, and all sources written for a general audience (such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, and most websites).Purpose: Analyze significant primary texts as forms of cultural and creative expression; Explain the ways in which humanistic or artistic expression reflects the culture and values of its time and place; Frame a comparative context to critically assess the ideas, forces, and values that shape the texts; Develop an interpretation of a literary text, collect research from appropriate sources, support the interpretation with evidence, and cite the source material; Write clear, well-organized documents; Know how to locate, evaluate, and use information sources; Use critical thinking skills. You will present a short biography of your author and do an in-depth study of one or two poems of this author. None of the poems may be ones we covered in class; you will need to do research to find other poems by this author if they are not in the text. I expect to see terminology from the class used in the presentation, and I expect a thorough and intelligent discussion of the poems in regards to the technical means (at least 5 things) and themes. Remember there is no right or wrong interpretation; you only need to explain how you got to your interpretation. However, I do want your interpretation – not what you found someone says on some website. Expectations: Presentation and document should include a brief bio of your author; the poem(s); a discussion of at least 5 technical means being used in the poem(s); a discussion of the theme(s) of the poem(s); a quote about the poet or the poem(s) from a literary scholar; a bibliography. You will need to read the poem(s) during your presentation.