Examine your cognitive and affective responses while doing the actual Learned portion of the assignment.

Part 2 Analysis Guidelines:This portion of the Duolingo Assignment contains two interrelated parts. You will compose an analysis statement that address a series of theoretical points/concerns…. I have 1,231 xp… My Duolingo language was Spanish.The first part should be crafted as a personal response as to what you learned completing the Duolingo Assignment specific to logging on to your laptop and moving through the different lessons. Examine your cognitive and affective responses while doing the actual Learned portion of the assignment. Please feel free to use an informal personal response format to convey your affective and cognitive reactions. You will need to identify your reactions as either cognitive or affective within your personal response.The second part should be crafted as an analysis response wherein you connect the personal responses you just reported to theoretical constructs we have explored this semester. You will use Halliday and Krashen as your theorists. You examine your personal responses and then demonstrate how two different personal responses (one affective and one cognitive) are connected to two different constructs presented by Halliday and Krashen. You must use both theorists. You may not refer to the same theoretical construct or theorists more than once.One affective response with one Michael Halliday and one Krashen connection.One cognitive response with a different Halliday and a different Krashen connection.The critical issue here is the degree to which you analyze your personal responses and then explain/explore it using the theoretical constructs you chose. Merely stating the construct is not analysis. Use the words “why and how” to push your connection to analysis. You may continue to use informal language but will need to use APA paragraph citations to support your theoretical connections via a direct quote or paraphrase. No one may reference work I presented using PowerPoint. A reference section should follow the final part. Go back to the readings or online research
-PLEASE DO NOT REFERENCE THE POWERPOINTS… PLEASE SEARCH READINGS ONLINE FOR INFOMemeB9 minutes agoWhat is duolingo? https://testcenter.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011072871-What-is-Duolingo-