Entrepreneurship Business Case

What opportunities / growth opportunities are there for FreshTable that ensure that the company can achieve stable growth, now and in the future?In developing the business case, students must make use of the discussed literature and information from all modules.Content and structureYour business case must consist of an introduction, various substantive parts, and a conclusion. The aim is to make a factual reasoning about the possibilities and (growth) opportunities for FreshTable. On this basis, you can make a recommendation about what you consider to be the best possible option for the company to continue to achieve stable growth.Introduction (context and background) (+/- 500 words)1Describe the origin and current situation of FreshTable in your own words. In doing so, consider the situation of the company itself and the current market conditions. Introduce the idea / possibility / opportunity that you have identified for FreshTable. Finally, indicate how and why the proposed opportunity fits within the objective and possibilities of FreshTable.Overview and consideration of various options (+/- 700 words)In a structured way, describe which options you have considered in order to arrive at your final proposal. Justify your recommendation by making explicit use of the prescribed and additional literature. Please give an overview of the advantages and disadvantages (costs / benefits) of at least 5 different options. Using the prescribed and supplementary literature, argue which factors play a role and why these were decisive in making your tradeoff.Expected added value (+/- 700 words)Describe the expected added value of the opportunity that you have identified as most promising. Indicate the main investments required to realize this opportunity. Think of both physical and organizational investments. Justify your reasoning as to why these investments are relevant for the project’s success, by making explicit use of the prescribed and supplementary literature. What do you expect to be the biggest profit point(s) for FreshTable if they tap into the opportunity you have identified?Using the prescribed and supplementary literature, explain why you expect these profit points to lead to stable growth for the company now and in the future.Risk analysis (+/- 500 words)Describe the greatest risks and most important conditions for the success of this project. In doing so, discuss possible internal risks (within the company itself) and risks that may arise due to external factors. Justify, making explicit use of the prescribed and additional literature, why these are the greatest risks and which conditions must be met or which measures have been taken can be used to make these risks manageable.Conclusion(+/- 600 words)Describe , based on your above analysis, your conclusion and recommendation. Focus on the expected added value of the opportunity identified by you and the identified risks. Also explicitly include the context in which the company operates.N.B. In addition to the prescribed literature for this course, five additional articles must be used to substantiate the development of the business case. These articles should be referenced in your source citation.Formal requirementsThe Business Case consists of +/- 3000 words (excluding bibliography and title page / including in-text references, +/- 10% margin) and must comply with the APA reference style (font Times New Roman 12, justified and line spacing 1.5).These indications for the sub-sections are for guidance only. This may be deviated from, as long as the overall word count of 3000 (+/- 10% margin) is maintained.