Education major questions | Education homework help

EDIT GUIDE 1st Time:
Look at this website. This is all the courses she learned so far. Combine and expand the information for the classes to answer the questions. Do not just simply point it out and skip to another, be specific.
2. Do not use “plays an important role” for dozens of times to meet the word count.
3. Paraphrase whats being said is good, but not just paraphrasing. Please also include your personal perspective and ideas.
4. Look at the picture “How can i ensure my statements are rated well?” She highlighted the requirements which she believes you are not following at all. 
5. Edit the questions based on the new file i uploaded (with her comment of how to edit).
Follow all the requirements on the picture called (Requirements).
Use EDU495 books as references, combine the information from the book with your answers, and MAKE SURE information from the books will be used in part 3.
Also mention EDU301 pictures if they can be helpful in answering the questions.
500-600 words for each question.