Does the market have a product it focuses on?

PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is for the student to gain a familiarity with the main financial markets in the U.S. and how they operate.DirectionsThe New York Stock Exchange is the largest and most well-known financial market in our country. Please pick two other markets in the U.S. and compose a research paper detailing the markets and their function. Be sure to include how technology has changed the way your market operates. You should write a minimum of 500 words focused on each market, for a total of 1000 words minimum for the entire paper. To get started, discuss:Where is the market located?Does the market have a product it focuses on?How large is the market?When was it created?What kind of volume moves through the market?How has technology changed the market?Besides, please include any information you found in your research that is pertinent and/or interesting. (1)