Do scholars tend to find the same relationship between your independent and dependent variable, or are the results mixed?

Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)What is your question? Why is it important? Give us a summary of what to expect in your paper. (e.g., “In this paper, we analyze data from XYZ SOURCE to understand how INDEPENDENT VARIABLE affects DEPENDENT VARIABLE.”)Literature Review (~2 pages)Based your own reasoning and what other scholars have said about your question, what relationship do you expect between your two variables? Summarize what scholars have said about your research question. Do scholars tend to find the same relationship between your independent and dependent variable, or are the results mixed? Do scholars tend to agree on how to conceptualize and measure your independent and dependent variables, or is there disagreement about it?Please collect and use 6-8 academic sources (articles published in a scholarly journal or books published at a university press—not thinktanks or popular magazine articles). Use an annotated bibliography to help you write this section, but DO NOT simply write a laundry list that strings together the annotated summaries with transition sentences in between. Summarize, integrate, and synthesize.Data (~1 page, including table and/or visualizations)Which dataset are you using? Who collected the data? How was it collected? When was it collected? Explain how the independent and dependent variables are measured. If you recoded your variables, how did you recode them? Show us how these variables are distributed (e.g., table, histogram, etc.). Consult the website and/or codebook for the ANES or GSS to learn about the methods used to collect the data.Methods (1-2 paragraphs)Explain how you are going to analyze the data and why. Use R for the data analysis (e.g., difference of means, crosstab, regression) that you choose should be appropriate. What is your hypothesis? What is your null hypothesis?Results (~1 page, including table and/or visualizations)Calculate appropriate tests of statistical significance. Then, report and explain your findings. Include the appropriate table and graph (if applicable). Interpret the substantive meaning of your findings and interpret the statistical significance of the relationship(s) you report. Do you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis?Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)Summarize your research question, what you’ve done, and what you’ve found. What are the implications of your findings? Discuss the limitations of your study and suggest the next step researchers studying this research question should take.References